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Abstract i
I . Introduction. 1
II.Discussion of findings. 1
2.1. Situation of
plastic surgery. 1
2.2.Advantages of
plastic surgery. 2
2.3. Disadvantages
of plastic surgery. 4
III. Conclusion. 5
References. 6

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“The responsibility of
women is to be beautiful. If you are not, you have sinned against your own
life”. This subjective thinking is shares among a lot of people , especially
women. Thus, it has caused a new trend nowadays, which is : Plastic Surgery- a
medical procedure with the purpose of alternation or restoring the form of the
body; in more simple words, a high-up way to make over. Every passing day to
move to the New Age, other than theoretical, problem about the outlook seemed
to be criterion which is considered as one of the most important factor. So,
Plastic Surgery, is not too far-fetched for people who want to own a beautiful
appearance. In the recent time, the number of people having Plastic Surgery has
increased significantly. South Korea is the country having the highest rate of
Plastic Surgery. A recent study by Vnexpress showed that, in South Korea, each
year, in every 5 people there is 1 person doing body modification. Moreover,
there has been more than 15 million cosmetic surgeries were conducted each year
all over the world (Bates, 2013). It can be said that, these huge numbers
demonstrates that the beauty needs of people are growing up over the year.
Therefore, this paper, with the purpose of helping to extend awareness about
Plastic Cosmetic, presents the situation of applying Plastic Surgery, its
benefits and disadvantages.   


2.1. Situation
of Plastic Surgery.

People all over the world spend millions dollars to look good. The official origin of this perception is that they have a strong awareness of the importance of appearance. People are increasingly focused on how to have an attractive outlook. According to New York Times Newspaper, in the US in 2008, Americans spent more than 2000 billion dollars to spruce up their appearance, although at that time, the US was experiencing one of the biggest economic crises. In the past, individuals evaluate others by asset volume or level of education. However, recently, the authors of ” An ninh The Gioi” Website said that people have tended to base on little subtle signs of the appearance to make that judgment. In life, an attractive appearance will have a lot of advantages, such examples are the more beautiful appearance tends to earn more money, and the chance to be recruited more. However, people often have prejudices with the not very eye catching appearance. Currently there are many individuals have no qualified economical condition to obtain their desired appearance, ugly appearance prevented them from having a good job and an easier life. Therefore, a series of programs to support plastic surgery money grow. For example, in “Let’s Beauty” of Korea, thousands of people having an imperfect appearance registered to be able to have an opportunity to change lives. The program has received very positive feedback from the community, this makes the thinking about cosmetic surgery becoming a very acceptable thing as Karen Kay said on that “You’re going to get a cosmetic procedure for the same reason you wear make-up”.Cosmetic surgery is a quick and clear way to change the appearance and change your life. This industry is booming. A recent study (Fergus WalshMedical, 2013) found that “It has undergone an estimated five-fold increase in turnover in a decade”. As stated in website; South Korea, America, Brazil are three developed countries having Cosmetic surgeries the most all over the world. According to the data of Organizations International Plastic Surgery, Brazil is a country with the highest ratio Cosmetic Surgeries in the world in 2013, followed by the US and South Korea but Plastic Surgery industry in Korea is considered the most developed. According to this data, 20% of Korean women have come to the center to perform Plastic Surgery with the purpose to “find a job”, “find girlfriends ,boyfriend” or “more confidence” . This rate is much higher than with the figure of 5% in the US, and the trend seems to be continuing. 2.2. Advantages of Plastic Surgery.Plastic Surgery is typically done to improve one’s appearance, it does not just bring to people a new beautiful face and body, improving appearance can provide many possible benefits as below:Increase self-confidence Improvements to appearance naturally translate to increase self-confidence for most people, which mean a greater willingness to try new things or open up in social situation. According to Norman H. Rappaport M.D in the article ” Benefits of plastic surgery”(2015) , some people see a reduction in social anxiety after their surgery, due to the new feelings of self confidence their new look inspires. After surgery and having a certain self- confidence, they become more willing to take on new challenges, or take charge of their life in a whole new way. Thus, Plastic Surgery, to some extent, contributes to enhance self-confidence and mental health.Overestimate the appearance nowadays makes prejudice on ugly people, they are not lucky enough to be born with a good appearance. Karen Kay confided on website (2015) that: “I find some unfamiliar faces looking back at me, they looked at me like I was an alien from another planet. They buzz behind my back about my looks, how I can work comfortably with those who do not respect me because I’m too ugly”.  Take Vu Thanh Quynh as an example for this situation, she was a student of fashion design majors in Nam Dinh. It is pretty hard for her to find a steady job although she has graduated from college just because there is no advantage in her appearance. The unattractive appearance makes her felt very self-deprecating when appearing and communicating with people around her. After registration and participation in the TV program “Change Your Life”, with more beautiful appearance, Quynh had confidence and was able to stand before the crowd, tell everyone knows her intention in future when owning a beautiful appearance.More opportunitiesSome studies suggested that people who are more attractive may enjoy more professional and personal opportunities. With regarding to job, it is a fact that beautiful people are more successful in finding careers, the reason is that society we focus more on beauty and appearance than we choose to show on the surface. Therefore, when people improve their appearance, they may discover that they have also improved your chances at a better job, even a promotion. Especially, if someone works in the entertainment industry, when working in this industry, which means that, they are making money with their own face. They do not need have the talent, almost all you need is a beautiful face and a perfect figure. How much more beautiful they are, the more they get this much money.In terms of daily life, a beautiful appearance will be more attractive with the opposite sex. There are many cases which the girls just because of their clumsiness, no one wants to reach and close to , even lead to be left on the shelf, stay alone in their lifetime. If the most valuable asset of men is the talent and well- educated, women: Beauty. A lot of newspapers and websites published news today that there are many families, just as husbands feel bored when seeing the old faces and coal imperfect figure of his wife’s appearance, they adulterate and finally led to divorce. Therefore, many women who want to make their husband love and care more found about cosmetic surgery. 2.3. DisadvantagesFor some, plastic surgery is a way to regain a normal appearance after an accident. For others, plastic surgery is a way to correct perceived cosmetic flaws. Regardless of the reason for the plastic surgery, there are serious disadvantages of the producers that must be considered prior to having surgery:Regarding “Medical Risks”, cosmetic surgery, like other types of surgeries contain risks and errors. Not all customers after undergoing surgery also satisfied about their beauty, some people not only became uglier but also made to endure pain for a long time. About the consequences of this, patient’s face will be disfigured, together with the symptoms later in life, or their lives are even put at risk. In a report on website, Anh Ngoc said in the article “Victims of Plastic Surgery demonstrated in South Korea” that “the proportion of victims encounter a problem or controversy about plastic surgery in South Korea has increased by 10-15% a year over the past three years.” In term of “Cost”, many plastic surgeries are costly and the cost of the surgery depends on the aesthetic parts needs. In Vietnam; according to the consulting doctor of aesthetic hospital KANG NAM on the site, there are many types of cosmetic surgery and the least expensive procedure – Microdermabrasion costs $139 and with a cost of $7976, a lower lift was the most expensive plastic surgery listed.Last but not least, some people become addicted to plastic surgery. Ease of access to plastic surgeons, low self esteem and body dimorphic disorder are some of the factors that contribute to an addiction to plastic surgery (Holley, 2013). Dr Frances Prenna Jones said: “I think people chase compliments and once we starting getting those, we want more” That is the reason for the surgery addiction. This is not healthy for the following factors.   III. CONCLUSIONThe above analysis has shown that Plastic Surgery comprises both advantages and disadvantage. What people need to do before having surgery to avoid the risks mentioned above is that people have to be very carefully to find out where everyone  plan to surgery such as the quality of the doctors, the reasonable prices. However, the most important thing is to keep confidence because of human beauty not only be judged by appearance, it is seen by the human inner beauty. People who have good moral qualities are the ones considered as the most beautiful and most respectable.































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