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1 percent of the world population has autism spectrum disorder. In the United
States it is estimated that 1 in 68 births are born with autism. More than 3.5
million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism in U.S.
children increased by 119.4 percent from 2000 (1 in 150) to 2010 (1 in 68) (,
Autism has no become the fastest-0growing developmental disability. In the U.S.
cost of autism over the lifespan is about $2.4 million for a person with an
intellectual disability. It costs more than $8,600 extra a year to educate a
student with autism (, 2015). Although there is a
steadily high rise with children being born with autism, there is no sound
foundation as to the cause of autism. There are many speculations as what could
possibly be cause, but no solid answer just theories (Facts and
Statistics, 2015`).

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is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how someone communicates
with, and relates to other people. Autism also affects how a person makes sense
of the world around them” ( There are many speculations to the
causes of this disability, but no results to the cause of it, just theories! Some
of the theories as to what causes autism, and in no special order are prenatal
care, exposure to chemical pollutants, metals, pesticides, etc., and last but
not least vaccines. With the continuous and developing knowledge of what autism
is and the signs to look out for, we do know what the early signs or effects of
autism. There are certain behaviors that should be observed to know the early
signs or general signs of autism for early childhood. “These three things are
communicating verbally and nonverbally, relating to others and the world around
them, and thinking and behavior. Although those are some signs for early
childhood years, there are signs to observe from birth, and that would consist
of the child not making eye contact, following gestures, but especially does
not play with others or share the same interest and enjoyment! If those signs
are observed over a period of time, the child should get checked as soon as
possible. The younger the child gets diagnosed, the greater the impact of
treatment on symptoms of autism. The information about what autism is known,
what signs during development to note, there is still one question that remains
HOW! What is the cause of Autism (Early Symptoms of Autism , n.d.)?

are many theories as to what the causes of autism are. Some theories are
prenatal care, environmental factors, vaccinations, or neurological factors.
The prime theory most used is vaccination. Vaccinations is generally created as
a preventative to many diseases and ailments, however there is a claim that
there is a chemical in them, causing this steady rise of autistic children. Studies
show that it is usually caused by genetics, metabolic or neurological factors,
or lastly problems that occurred during birth. With the research conducted by
scientists and doctors there has yet to be a link between childhood
vaccinations and autism. Although there was a specific study done on Hepatitis
B vaccine and a substance found in most vaccines called thimerosol. The Hepatitis
B vaccine was found to triple the chance of newborn boys of getting autism, and
as for the thimerosal it contains mercury (which has now been excluded or
downsized in the use of vaccines). Yet and still no actual cause to autism. A
different theory explored to the cause of autism is neurometabolic factors. Another
element in which scientists are currently reviewing is the neurometabolic
component of autism. This is the relationship between cells in the brain, physical
or biochemical characteristics of an organism that is observed to determine by
genetics and environmental influence. Researchers and scientists believe that
there is enough evidence to boost the continuation of this study to discover if
there is a noticeable connection between these abnormalities and autism.
Another theory used is the link between older fathers and autism.” In Sweden,
scientists did a study where researchers studied records for everyone born
between 1973 and 2001 “( The total amount was more than 2.6
million people. “Researchers not only found a connection between older fathers
and their children having autism, but they also found that the probability of
children developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is 13 times
greater while the odds of bipolar disorder is 25 times higher for those born to
fathers who are above the age of forty five ( This study not
only proved a possible link to a cause of autism, but it showed that there are
many risks that men of an older age children can develop. Additional studies
regarding the causes of autism are prenatal care, problems during birth,
trouble having children, induced labor, short labor, fetal distress, or lastly
a Cesarean section (WebMD). Genetics is a different possible cause of autism. People
believe that genetics play a role in the cause of autism. All these causes but
still no definite answer as to what the cause of autism is, just ideas!

a child that falls on the autistic spectrum is a life changing experience for
them and the children. With all these advancements in medicine, technology, and
most importantly the knowledge, there is no determination to cause of autism.
Just in the most recent years people have subjected themselves that the main cause
of autism as being vaccines. Can there be chemicals in vaccines that are
detrimental to our health, it’s a possibility. Just as some medicines that can
cure one ailment and create another. But to say that that is the cause, that is
asinine. Vaccines have been around for many years, it’s only been in these
later years that there has been a steady increase into children being born on
the autistic spectrum. If vaccines were the primary reason then why hasn’t this
rise been a problem since vaccines first started? Everything is a risk, such as
the food we eat, our live style, and your place of residence. Could there be
some believe that it is a possibility as to vaccine being a contributor, yes
but there has too many other factors. Autism can be caused by many different
things and shouldn’t blame one individual reason.  The exact causes of autism may never be
discovered just as some cancers or other ailments of that nature. The day
autism is cured will be the day every child struggling with this defect will be
able to start a normal life, and that day will make history.





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