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english is perceived as door to better opportunities in employment
prospects especilly in a society of acute clasdivision like Pakistan.the common
man aspiration for English medium schooling has led to exponential growth of
low fee school.

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“by  the end of 2005,every third
child at primary level was studying in primary school”:(coleman, the
english language development).the pursuit of english mediun schooling is alsoa
product of belief that early exposure ofchild to english yeild proficiency in

based on evidence gathered by multiple research tools it has become evident
that policy appears counterproductive and associated beleifs are delusional as
they are underpinned neither by multilingual 
education theory and social enviroment.we argue that in broader
terms,that these english policies creat disparities sothey must be reviewed and
replaced by mother tongue based multilingual eduaction .we advocate for
democratization and equal distribution of english as a language rather than at
priimary level,across all strata.


Theorist in multilingual education proposes mother tongue as best medium of
education .it has dual benefits of academic and intellectual development as
well as better development of litracy ,competence and additionlanguage .but in
Pakistan we have yet to recognize the value of mother tongue .according to an
estimate 91.62% of children in Pakistan 
have no acess to education in mother language .where 34% enrollment is
in english medium private sector school .the proliferation ofenglish mediumis
because ofurdu collapse medium and accredition of english as key to prestige .



Different research tools and methods are employed to know the views of
experts ,students,teachers,principals and study analyses whether the policy of
english is creating disparities in social culture.



itmeans to  start schooling with
mother language and then add another language rather than subtracting mother
language.two most important hypothesis in multilingual policies
are”threshold level hypothesis”and”interdependence
hypothesis”  these hypothesis states
that children having education inmother tongue when crossed threshold of
competence in first language can be taught second language .the competence in
both languages can effect intellectual and academic development critical
thinking .

while policy that subtract mother 
language is required as misguided 
and “faith that an early start in english means good education and
ensure   success in life is   penecious myth”



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