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Websites on internet
connected people with other people and information which leads to world
business very effective, challenging and dynamic. Business are running over a
websites in the form of buying and selling is E-commerce. Content management is
playing important role in developing and getting familiar among the customers
in all E-commerce.

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With WordPress users can
access over media, files, design, documents and display of the content. Admin
accessing admin panel of WordPress don’t need to know even single LOC to
publish content on website using WordPress. A good CMS let admin to manage
their content by uploading content on panel instead of coding. WordPress is
being used in all sort of innovative ways. WordPress is widely used to
encourage blogs, portfolios, small business websites, news portals, large institute
websites, intranet for companies, web directories, database for movies, and all
other websites which are based on content management.





There are many wordpress
websites available in market. Many of them are e-commerce websites which used
as content management system by an admins. For this project, I need to convert
statics website to dynamic website using wordpress content management tool. To
manage products, various plugins like woocommerce, mailchimp, admin pods, etc
should be used. At the end website should me well responsive on all types of



The demand for e-commerce has
increased rapidly, especially in the last four years. The basic reason for
customers diverting to online shopping is that they get number of products
which are only available online. They cannot find it in local offline stores.
Thus, there is a need for the companies to filter people based on the
additional skills and knowledge they have, which is where e-commerce comes into
play. E-commerce is a great field with infinite potential. E-commerce admins
can manage products without learning website designing and core coding.

Proposed system

1. wordpress

2. xampp server

3. phpmyadmin

4. Git

5. Github

6. Firebug


Advantages of proposed system

does not require programming languages like PHP, HTML, Drupal, nodejs, Joomla
or Typo3 to develop a website. A predefined plugins and templates can be easily
installed from the framework provided. All you need to do is to choose a plugin
or a template and click on it to install. Novice users can have useful support
from large community forum of developers, who will be a part of discussion
board. An admin panel has over thousands of plugins to make the task easy. They
are the reason for WordPress to be considered as a CMS, not only a blogging
script. Major Plugins and templates are available for free of cost to access
basic version of it. Admin can also buy pro version to acquire more functionalities
of the plugin. On the panel’s homepage various graphic templates are gives to
change the websites look. Admin can choose any of them based on the type of
project he is developing. Admin can avail both free and paid plugins and
templates. The paid ones are often pro version, more advanced as well as more
interesting. WordPress menu can be configured to include categories, sub
categories, pages, posts, etc. Admin can easily modify fields to forms by himself
or using plugins.

can access the whole webserver and database stack with one command. XAMPP is
portable among them.  Web server can be
accessible even though the security settings are strict by default. Php error
reporting is enabled by default, which helps when debugging scripts. You didn’t
specify what kind of production server you are deploying your work on.

Using the graphic interface
of phpMyAmin you can easily make, delete or edit
databases and manage all their elements: tables with their rows and columns,
indexes, fields, statements and queries. You can control users’ permissions and
administer several servers simultaneously.

model: This means your work is your own. You can let others see only what is
necessary. Not everything has to be public. There are other advantages to the
distributed model, such as the speed (since most everything is local) and
possibility of working offline. Branching and merging are easy: Branching is a
walk in the park. It feels like a natural part of the workflow. They are cheap
(fast and consume very little space) so that you can branch whenever you want.
This means you can sandbox your features and ideas till they are ready for the

Firebug gives the ability to
inspect and edit html. There are several other programs that do the same thing
the difference is that you never have to leave the browser. Also when you do
edit the html it highlights the changes. As soon as the html is edited it will
instantly updates in the browser. Also you can simply right click on then
element you would like to see or edit and click edit html and instantly it
shows that elements source code.





HTML5, the latest official
version of HTML is used for developing this project. HTML can be summed up as a
standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, colour, graphic,
and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. The Cascading
Style Sheets Specification (CSS3)
is a computer language that is used to write formatting instructions (rules).
These rules tell a web browser how webpage content should ‘look’— in terms of:
layout. Position, alignment, width, height, etc. Bootstrap is a combination of
HTML, CSS, and Javascript code designed to help build user interface
components. Bootstrap was
developed to utilise the features of both HTML5 and CSS3. This framework
combines CSS and Javascript which is used inside  your HTML.

The figure, Fig.2.1. Shows
the different ways of creating a page using the CMS Page Editor. There is also
a Custom field for adding any extra CSS that overrides the theme’s default CSS,
if required.


2.2 BACK

PHP is an open-source, server-side scripting language. The language can be used
to write programs that output code. When a webpage using PHP is accessed,
routines generate the markup to be downloaded to the browser.  PHP
can also be used to connect to a database; to retrieve, add or update content.
This makes PHP an ideal language for creating large-scale websites. A single
PHP template can be written to retrieve and display all database records, for
example product listings. Each product webpage is generated using the same
routines—conditionally showing availability, price, shipping costs,

Fig. 2.1. PhpMyAdmin

Fig.2.2. PHP on the web

In Fig.2.2. The different ways of
accessing the PHP backend interface in WordPress are shown. Both these ways can
be used to access the database and alter the table values.






is the best choice for a project which deals with a large amount of content
primarily because it provides a simple single-click installation directly from
the website, it is supported by almost all the major domain and server
providers worldwide and most importantly, it is free to use. WordPress
Learning Management System, which supports both video tutorials as well as text
documents, is used to create the project. The major features of woocommerce
Plugin include a lot of pre-defined functionalities and layouts which are
suited for making and selling courses online. The major features include
Page-Builder (a drag and drop interface containing the most used elements like
tables, whitespaces, headings, paragraphs and so on), Login and Register
Facility, Paid & Free Courses and Advanced Courses Search option. The theme
runs on the Bootsrap Framework, which makes it responsive to any screen size,
be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or a mobile phone.

3.1. WordPress Architecture

figure 3.1 illustrates a typical architecture of WordPress, which is
essentially composed of three things, the, which is the server
hosted by WordPress themselves,, which is where anyone can
develop websites and Self Hosted servers, where anyone can host their websites.




3.2.1 Woocommerce

have used WooCommerce module to manage products and its description management
owebsite. With WooCommerce we can access following shortcodes in your layout.

Single product
Product page
Multiple products
Add to Cart button
Order tracking
My account

The Product Description module is in
the WooCommerce modules category, which appears only when
you’re editing a Singular-type theme layout in Theme Builder and you’ve
assigned a single product page as the location. General tab and an advanced tab
are the two module settings.



is an open source framework to develop content management systems. WordPress is
widely used in E-commerce and news portals. In this project, WordPress is used
to convert static E-commerce website to dynamic E-commerce website. For that
Static code is loaded into individual components of default WordPress sections.
Later with the help of Woocommerce and other plugins functionality is given to
dynamic website.


3.3.1 Software

Development requirements are as follows:

Google Chrome (for dev/testing)

ii.     PHP version 7 or greater

iii.   MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater

iv.   HTTPS support

v.     WordPress setup

vi.   XAMPP server

vii.  PhpMyAdmin


Hardware specification

The server hardware will be
provided by the SaaS/IaaS provider we will be hosting the application on. These
services provide scalability and 24×7 availability without having to interfere
with the infrastructure. In theory, the web application will work well in a VM
configured with the following specs:

Processor — 4 x 1.6 GHz CPU

RAM — 8 GB

HDD — 20 GB (minimum)




The project includes:

Basic page templates. The slider
on the home page which is manually made using pods Slider, which came bundled
as a part of the theme. It can be accessed and edited from the main WordPress
menu which appears on the left. Below slider section, all categories of
products are displayed. On clicking on individual category image, it is
redirect to individual category page. At the bottom we have featured products
and new arrivals of product in slider format. Below that we have mil
subscription field. And page is ended with footer.

About us page contains
details of the Texel. It is redirected from the about us section in menu.
Contact us contains contact form 7 to send details. Location of the company is
mentioned in google map.

Our product Page contains
details of all the products categorised based on the categories of individual
product which on clicking redirect to individual product page which describe
the details and features of an individual product. Add to enquiry is place in
order to place an enquiry for individual product. Left section is populated
with categories which on clicking redirect to individual category page, where
all the product under that category is kept.

The final database schema,
shown above, consists of all the tables, including the ones offered by
WordPress. It is the final schema that was implemented for the project. There
are 28 tables used for construction of the website. When admin or user perform
any operation on front end, the query is executed by the corresponding tables
and data gets updated in database.






The entire project has been
developed using WordPress as the CMS, woocommerce Plugin for creation and
maintenance of courses and the products theme for the front-end. All the pages
have been made manually, that is, using the Page Builder, they are not the
default templates.

The project incorporates many
aspects of modern front-end development as well as makes us of efficient
backend services to implement a functioning. With the help of content
management system, admin of the website can edit the details of the product
without knowing the code of the website. Admin needs to learn how to access
woocommerce plugin which is major plugin for developing e commerce website.

Products can be classified
into various categories based on it price and functionality. Also new
categories can be added by an admin using pods. For any kind of issue, user can
contact the admin or product owner from contact page. Individual product can be
added to enquiry from single product page. Users can subscribe for an email
using mailchimo plugin used on home page of texel.



To extend this project, one
can add various functionalities to facilitate users like add to cart which will
help user to keep all products in one basket and proceed to check out easily.
Wish list can be added in menu section to give priority to product which they
like. Various payment modules can be added at payment getaway like visa,
virtual wallet, cash on delivery, net banking, credit card and debit card.

User will like the ecommerce
if they were able to return their product if they dislike or they want to
exchange. We can think of this facility to provide hassle free shopping.
Tracking details of product should be notified to the users on timely basis.


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