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Listening is one of the four existing language skills which is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen truly and effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. As a result, communication breaks down and then the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated. In this review, was tried to give a good vision to foreign language learners about the listening skill and its importance in language teaching also in language learning; starting with the explaining the importance of the listening skill for EFL student. We have included this later to show how much both listening and speaking are related to each other. Then some important definition of listening was explained and finally historical consideration of teaching listening skills stated.

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1-The importance of listening skill

Mastering the speaking skill of a language like English does not occur just when the learner has an inborn capacity that enables him to speak in a foreign language, but it is also the result of exposuring to that language. In other words; the ability of listening comprehensively to a foreign language is the initial of its mastery. Recent studies push the researcher to clarify the influence of the listening skill on the speaking one, and to show how good listeners are fluent speakers. From the comparison, we come to recognize that the good at listening is the best in speaking. The meant listening is the comprehensive one in which students use their critical thinking. From daily experience, the importance of listening comprehension from teachers’ part is felt because they are aware about that skill. while EFL students are not aware of it due to many weaknesses at different levels. Even if learners try to practice listening, they feel unable to understand the target language used because of natives’ speed of speech, slangs, weak form, stress, and so on. As a result, the learners prefer to be far from practicing listening, as they feel that it is not helpful to improve their speaking. So, the aim of the present review is to make students aware about the importance of listening skill and its different method 1.

During the learning a foreign language, learners are faced up with a huge number of difficulties. For instance, they find themselves disable to comprehend recorded texts, direct speech, songs, or even dialogues. This is due to many factors such as native speakers’ speed of speech, accent, pitch, and so on. This inability leads to other difficulties in language learning. That is why they are required to be exposed to it by listening. Also listening is considered to be a basic skill in language learning and acquisition, and it is placed at the top of language skills because before you start speaking the language, you have to be exposed to and to get used to it 2.

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