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About yourself

    1.     What
is your roll number?

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    2.     Tell
me about yourself?

    3.     What is your height/weight/age etc.? (These
are trying to make you fumble….keep cool)

    4.     What
is the meaning of your name or surname?

    5.     Famous
persons having same birthday or year

    6.     Why
you want to join civil services?

    7.     Why
your first preference is IAS or IPS or IFS?


About Your

    1.     Refresh your knowledge about the branch of
your graduation. Also update your awareness about recent developments in your

    2.     Collect information about the university/institute
where you are graduated from?

    3.     Collect
information about UPSC members, their service and cadre

    4.     You
can also expect some questions regarding your optional subject

    5.     Why
you have chosen this optional?

    6.     Why you want join even after higher
education. Don’t you think you should contribute in your field of
specialization? (If you have done post-graduation or Ph.D.)

    7.     Why
don’t you continue in research? (If you are from science background)


About Your Place

Collect complete information about your home state or state
of residence, in following sectors:





General statistics

Recent developments
and current affairs



Social problems


Here are Some Example Questions

    1.     What
is special about your place? (Village / city / district / state)

    2.     Tourist
or historical places around your native place?

    3.     Tell me five positives and negatives about
your place? (Native place/district/state/place of graduation)

    4.     What
are the major problems in your district/state?

    5.     Historical
importance of your native place/any place in your city?

    6.     General statistics about your
district/state? – Population, population density, literacy, economic
importance, health etc.

    7.     Famous personalities of your state and
district? (In the field of art, literature, sports, social workers and leaders)

    8.     List
chief ministers of different states? (Especially North Eastern states)



About Your

complete information about your hobbies…

    •       Personalities
associated with the hobby

    •       Importance
of your hobby

    •       Information
about it in historical perspective

    •       Your
activities related your hobby

    •       Benefits
of your hobby

    •       Sometimes there will be some unexpected
questions regarding your sports interests. They may say “Oh! You play
volleyball, then I’ll ask about basketball/cricket”. A sweet smile is
sufficient to deal with such questions.


For Example if Your Hobby is ‘Reading Books’

§  Which kind of books you read, fiction/non-fiction?

§  Name of the last book you read? Who is the author of that
book? What that book is about? How is that book? Name other books of the same

§  Who is your favourite writer? Why?

§  Who won Nobel (literature), Man Booker, DSC prize, Jnanpith
award this year?

§  Which sports/games you play?


For Example if the Candidate’s Answer is Volleyball

    1.     National
and international events in volleyball

    2.     Who
won Olympics, world cup etc.

    3.     Different
rules and regulations of volleyball

    4.     Specifications regarding court size, net
width and length etc.

    5.     Which
is your favourite position in volleyball

    6.     Captain
of Indian team

    7.     Top
players of Indian team

    8.     Who
is your favourite player? Why?

    9.     Recent
developments in volleyball


Opinion Based

your opinion about different issues of national importance: some of the general
issues are listed below:

    1.     Multi-party
system vs. two party system

    2.     Prime
ministerial system vs. presidential system

    3.     Coalition
politics- arguments for and against

    4.     Regional
parties and their importance

    5.     Naxalism and Indian policy towards naxal
control. What need to be done?

    6.     Rivers, river water sharing, river linking,
river tribunals etc.

    7.     Basic concepts of statistics and their
applications- mean, median, mode, AM, GM, HM, Standard deviation, coefficient
of variation

    8.     Geography
of your home state and district.

    9.     Euthanasia/mercy

    10.   Honour
killing and Khaps

    11.   Tribal
issues and tribal development

    12.   Recent
legislations and new policies

    13.   Politics
of your home state

    14.   Water conservation and water harvesting with
special focus to your state

    15.   Juvenile
and juvenile justice

    16.   Capital punishment/ death penalty- arguments
for and against and other related issues

    17.   Important wars of India- e.g. Buxar, Panipat,
Plassey, Anglo-Mysore, Anglo-Nepal, Anglo-Afghan, Indo-Pak, Indo-China etc.

    18.   Acts passed before independence- regulating
acts, 1909 Act, 1919 Act, 1935 Act, etc.

    19.   Concept
of Left, right and centre.

    20.   Communism,
Socialism, Capitalism

    21.   Maoism,
Marxism, Leninism

    22.   Communalism

    23.   Israel-Palestine
problem. India’s relation with Israel

    24.   Indo-China

    25.   Indo-Pak

    26.   Indo-US

    27.   Indo-Russia

    28.   Recent
international developments

    29.   How to balance development and environmental

    30.   Development
vs. environment.

    31.   Sustainable

    32.   Demand
for new states: pros and cons

    33.   Small
state vs. large state

    34.   Terrorism and measures to control terrorism
in India

    35.   Poverty: causes for poverty, its estimation,
measures to be taken

    36.   Corruption:
Causes, measures to control corruption

    37.   Biodiversity
and its conservation

    38.   Mining, mining in forests, illegal mining and
related issues

    39.   AFSPA:
arguments for and against

    40.   Public-private-partnership:
pros and cons.

    41.   Rural
problems and rural development

    42.   Food
security and related issues

    43.   Direct
cash transfer: Pros and cons

    44.   What
is lacking in sports administration in India?

    45.   Police

    46.   Indian

    47.   FDI,
inflation, import-export etc.

    48.   Agricultural
credit and Agricultural insurance

    49.   Web regulation, social media- pros and cons,
IT act, etc.

    50.   Famous writers and theatre personalities of
your state

    51.   Pardoning
power of president and its importance

    52.   Protection
and promotion of regional languages

    53.   Environmental

    54.   Recent central govt. programmes/schemes,
bills, ordinances, acts, policies etc.


General Advice

    1.     Do
not try to bluff them. Be straight and humble.

    2.     If you are not sure about the answer then
tell them that “this is the answer….but I’m not sure”. If you don’t know the
answer, but you are guessing then tell them that it’s a guess or ask for their
permission to guess.

    3.     Whatever you say, say it confidently. Do
not lie. Even if you lie, do it confidently.

    4.     Smiling face is always desirable (it
indicates you are not nervous)

    5.     Do not talk negative. Be optimistic. Show
that you have constructive thinking.

    6.     Do not get excited. Keep calm. Do not lose
your patience.

    7.     Interview should not be taken as a
question-answer session. It is a friendly conversation and healthy discussion.


Enrichment Programme Point of View by an Interview Expert

personality test or the interview in civil services examination is the final
hurdle and then there are smiles for the rest of the life. But at the same
time, it is capable of bringing (or even to most of us who could not make it to
the final list, it in fact does bring) disappointments as well. The personality
test carries 300 marks out of the total 2300 mark scheme of the Civil Services
Examination based on which the final selection list is prepared. Like the Essay
(that carries 200 marks), the success and rank of an aspirant is significantly
determined by this small but important segment.

it is not taken very seriously by most of the aspirants. It is very sad to
observe that by the time these aspirants get to realize about its significance
it is already too late (i.e. when they do not find their names in the list of
successful candidates even though they have scored quite well in the main
examination). That experience in fact is very painful one. It hurts us a lot,
as all our hard earned efforts of significantly long time (i.e. from P.T days
to the main till the interview and those long lived moments of dream) all
vanish or get shattered in a moment. Not many candidates have managed to score
over 100 marks according to the statistics of the 2009 main results. There have
been a shockingly high number of double digit scores on the final score-card,
against the allotted interview scores. But, this does not mean that there is
not much scope to overcome the hurdles of interview or it cannot be
strategically prepared and scored well.

nature of personality test for the Civil Services Examination is different than
those of the other services interviews. The candidates aspiring for Civil
Services are going to be interviewed by a Board who will have before them a
record of their career. They will be asked questions on matters of general
interest related to national and international importance. The object of the
interview is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career
in public service by a Board of competent and unbiased observers who themselves
are generally bureaucrats having wide experiences of this services.

test is intended to judge the mental calibers of a candidate. In broad terms
this is really an assessment of not only his intellectual qualities but also
social traits and his interests in current affairs. Some of the qualities to be
judged are mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical
exposition, balance of judgments, variety and depth of interests, ability for
social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity etc.

technique of the interview is not that of a strict cross-examination but of a
natural, though directed and purposive conversation which is intended to reveal
the mental qualities of the candidate. The interview test is not intended to be
a test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidates which
has been already tested through their written papers. Candidates are expected
to have taken an intelligent interest not only in their special subjects of
academic study but also in the events which are happening around them both
within and outside their own state or country as well as in modern currents of
thought and in new discoveries which should rouse the curiosity of
well-educated youth.

here, one is required to be diplomatic in taking up a stand and tackling the
issues in especially designed/created circumstances or hypothetical
circumstances by the interviewers during the interview process. The precision
of language, discipline of thought and lot of patience in placing the views are
the prerequisites. Remember! Your entire personality is going to be judged on
every single word that one happens to speak. Therefore, one needs to be extra
careful about choosing the words during the process of personality test. The
personality test requires the candidates to exhibit not only the art of
balanced and precise thoughts, but also the art of delivering them or
communicating them effectively. This simply indicates towards the need of a
good strategy through experienced guidance and practice in right direction
that’s all. There are students who have scored 240 plus marks in 2009
examination and most of the toppers and rank holders do get advantage in
interview scores only. Therefore, RIAS has come up with INTERVIEW ENRICHMENT
PROGRAMME for CSE, which is scientifically modeled to cater the needs and
requirements of not only Delhi based regular students but also for the students
who cannot come to Delhi for different compulsions and engagements. It is
intended to harness and harmonize those vital components of the interview so as
to optimize the overall scores of distant and diversely placed participants.

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