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Abortion: Considering the Mother and Babies Future In layman’s terms abortion is the termination of a pregnancy through the means of a safe procedure. Many have views of abortion as killing an unborn fetus who are known as, pro-life, they believe it is unethical and believe abortion is killing a developing human before it has had a chance to come into the world. While the others, pro-choice, believe it is the mother’s right whether or not to terminate the child without social allegations. In 1973, a law known as the Roe v. Wade law had legalized that ” federal law  has protected a woman’s right to choose an abortion was part of a woman’s right to privacy”, (Findlaw, 2018). Abortion should be legal as a few of the main reasons women chooses abortion are victims of rape or incest, welfare of mother and child, and teenage pregnancy. A recent Lancet study “put the  2013 U.S. maternal death rate even higher, at 18.5 deaths per 100,000 live births”, ( Perry,2015) and ” every 4.5 minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the United States”, ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention). For a parent, abortion would be one of the hardest decisions, and if they were told their child would be born with a birth defect, the parents should have the right to choose abortion in the best interest of their child. Falisha, one of my sister in laws found out she was pregnant with her first child and naturally she was happy but during her pregnancy she found out her baby would be born with a condition  affect the way the blood flowed in the and can make it hard for the baby to breath and won’t make it past the first few weeks of life. During her pregnancy she was told the baby would be born with malformation of the heart where there would be a hole in the babies heart and it would be risky to fix and would likely be fatal in the first few weeks of life, which lead to the decision of abortion which was devastating for the couple. My sister in law and her husband  didn’t want their child to feel pain the whole time  for as many weeks as he would be alive and didn’t want him to have difficulty breathing and be connected to a breathing tube in the hospital and never come home. A range of birth defects cause difficulties for both mother and child, as some effects could be risking the mother’s life to have the baby or risking having the baby who due to birth defects could have issues in the future. Abortion is not just killing the baby because the birth defects would be hard to handle but what would be in the best welfare of the mother and child. Abortion allows a teenage pregnancy to not affect their future education or decision if the child can”t be given a great life because its not in the means of the parents. An excerpt in Stephen J. Dubner article stated, ” teen moms are less likely than other women to attend or complete college”, (Dubner, 2008) which puts a stagnate in their opportunities to go into the job market which would help them afford the baby. Many young teens get abortions because they arent of the age to be mature enough to raise a child on their own and have features that entail their education and career that could one day give them a chance to have a family one day whom they could provide for and be mature enough to raise. In the case of teenage pregnancy, abortion is a wise decision until they can afford a child. The pro-life think of abortion as murder, which in technical terms is correct as it is a embryo developing into a human being in 9 months time. They also consider the embryo to be a human the day sperm and egg were genetically combined into one tiny cell and soon it will have a brain, heart,and many other organs that provide senses for the baby. Abortion is actually done before the 24 week mark and researchers ” from the Royal College of Obstetricians  and Gynecologist has found that the fetus cannot experience pain before 24 weeks”, (Smith, 2010) which means an embryo will not feel the pain of the abortion process as it will not develop into a fetus till after the first trimester and experience pain. Many with the pro-life stance also consider that many use abortion as a method of birth control and that many americans abuse the right to have an abortion in today’s time, but most of the time it is used as the original form of birth control did not do its job.  A factor of pro-life that  should be considered as they are only concerned for the baby as it could go to someone who couldn’t be a mother or a miscarriage An article of the health research funding found that ” between 3,200 to 50,000 rape related pregnancies occur every year”, (HRFnd, 2015) throughout the entire population. For these rape victims, the child is not out of the act of  love but out of the act of  violence by the person who chose to attack her. If the mother decides to carry the child to full term and give birth, that will be a reminder for her everyday of the day she got raped. It isn’t right to deny the women the decision of abortion when it was from such a traumatic incident and could lead to mental distressAs many pro-life people believe abortion is murder, I believe abortion should remain legal as it provides teen pregnancies a second opportunity at their future, a rape victim some less pain, and birth defects to not affect a child’s entire life. Abortion does eradicate an embryo but done at the right time will not hurt the unborn embryo. Abortions should be talked about and researched more to provide a greater understanding of the other side of abortion (pro-life) should be considered as they are only concerned for the baby as it could go to someone who couldn’t bea mother or a miscarriage, but abortion is a right to a women which she should have the choice on.

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