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“A Married Woman” is a
seductive love story where the protagonist Astha in her continuous trauma and
restlessness turns into a lesbian and becomes irresponsible with everything
including her children and husband. The story revolves around an upper middle class
working Delhiite woman Astha who struggles to come out with her own identity in
the society. Astha coming from a middle class family is the only daughter of
her parents. She forges many relationships with different persons. Astha first
had a love at first sight with Bunty, a handsome soldier which was a short one
due to her mother’s interrupt. Later in her college she gets emotionally
attached to Rohan with whom she even enjoys physical relationship. Her second
love also ends in a few days as Rohan moves to Oxford and Astha finally marries

Astha accepts her fate
and goes for an arranged marriage where she plays the role of a typical Indian
house wife. Astha felt complete in the role of an ideal wife. Her marital life
was unexpectedly full of love and passion as she felt as if she was the only
one who has got a best husband in the world. She had no problem as her husband
loved her unconditionally and her corporal lust was satisfied everyday as she
limited her world to the room where she enjoyed the bliss and or which she
waited throughout the day. She moulds herself to the need of her husband and
family. Soon Astha gives birth to a baby girl. It was during the time of her
second pregnancy which makes a big difference in her life. Hemanth was very
sure that they should have only a boy baby. It becomes a great struggle for
Astha as she has to follow and go through various rituals as suggested by her
mother. After becoming a mother of two children only Astha experiences too much
trauma as her ready to help soul mate suddenly becomes a not so involved

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 Astha’s happiness is short lived as she gets
frustrated to take care of her children and in- laws continuously the whole
day. In burden to this her longing for Hemanth on the other side as he gets
busy in his business and made Astha waiting for long hours. Astha’s behavioral
change was mainly after her feeling of betrayal, when she found her husband’s
infidelity. It’s during this trauma she meets Ajiaz, owner of theatre workshop.
A tender feeling arouses between them leading to a deep and strong
relationship. The affair between them came to a tragic end as Ajiaz is murdered
in the Babri – Masijid controvery.

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