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A processor is a small chips that belongs in a computer or an electronic devices. Its job is to receive input and provide output. The central processor is called CPU this processor handle all the system instruction such as processing mouse and keyboard input and applications that are running. Modern CPUs are multi-core this means that the chip contains two or more processor to enhanced performance this will reduced power consumption. Multi-core set-ups are similar to having multiple separate processor in one computer. A motherboard is the main component in a computer circuit board. The motherboard is the computer’s central communication which all components and external peripherals can connect such as mouse and keyboards. The large PCB of a motherboard includes 6-14 layers of fibreglass, copper connecting traces and copper planes for power supply and isolating signals. Components can be added to a motherboard through its extra slots. Some motherboards can offer additional connectivity through a Southbridge chip such as a PCI which is a local computer bus for attaching hardware devices in a computer. RAM is a type of computer memory that can be randomly accessed. There are different types of RAM for example DRAM which is an acronym for dynamic random access memory this means the memory must be constantly refreshed or it will lose its contents. SRAM is another type stands for static random access memory which means it doesn’t need to be refreshed unlike DRAM. ROM is built in computer memory containing data that can only be read, not written or changed and contains programming that allows to be powered up. In comparison to RAN, the data in ROM is not lost when the computer turns off. The ROM has a small long life battery within the computer.Cache stores information that was used recently so it can assessed. There are two types of cache which are browser cache and memory cache. Browser cache is used when a web page is visited the browser may store HTML, images, and JavaScript. Memory cache is used when an application on a mobile device is running it stores the data in the system’s memory or in RAM.Monitor A monitor is an output device that is used by computers to display video images and text. All monitors have simple functions such as powering it on and off, controlling brightness, contrast and positioning. there many different type of monitors such as a LCD monitors which stands for liquid crystal displays it is a thin monitor. there are dual monitors that can display information on two seperate monitors.Camera There are different types of camera for example there is webcam  which is a camera which it is attached to a mobile device such as a laptops. it is used for communications such as conference calls. digital camera is a another type of camera that can  record images in digital form.A printer is device that can print text or illustrations on paper. most common printers that is used in offices, school and business is inkjet and laser. Banks use matrix printers.  inside a laser printer is a rotating cylinder coated with photosensitive electrically charged material and a lot of mirrors. when a document is sent to the laser printer laser light is reflected by the mirrors on to the cylinder which gets rid of the electric charges. an inkjet printer uses different technology to print of the document.A scanner is a device that captures images from photographic prints.  A flatbed scanner is the most used scanner because it is a desktop scanner. The basic job of a scanner is to analyze an image and text capture (by using the OCR) allows you to save information to a file on your computer.HDMI is a  wire that combines both audio and video into a single digital interface so it can be used with devices such as TVs, DVD players and also game consoles. HDMI supports  high definition videos and also standard to multi channel surround sound audio. power supply is a component that supplies power to at least one electric load. It converts one type of electric power to another. it could also convert different forms of energy like solar. power supplies provides components with electric power.hard drive configuration (SATA)SATA is an interface used to connect ATA hard drives to a computer’s motherboard. SATA has faster transfers rates.

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