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A group of successes reviews the way they research and acquire their leaders, ensuring that they have a more powerful skills base and generate a greater commercial impact. This can be a good way to achieve demonstrable consequences for the business enterprise and to allow for long-term organizational progress through a disciplined approach. First of all, you should consider the procedure of skill acquisition as a financing. In many cases, the maximum critical funding that an organization must provide serves as a guide to the business method. Then study the talent acquisition system from A to Z. Start with a deep understanding of what type of skill combination is designed to achieve commercial business objectives and at all times, make sure that the skills introduced are maintained and thrive. with the company. Another important detail is the monitoring of the results, the measurement of the relapse in the investment in the work of competition and the honest connection with the final result. 1) Get the right direction from the beginning “Check your skill inventory” It is not uncommon for executives and groups to realize that they have wide “talent gaps” after learning how to implement their business strategies. We have heard and seen such stories in exclusive industries and divisions. A specialization evaluation application is a first class device to uncover both hidden treasures that can prove to be the robust drivers of your business strategy, as well as skill gaps that require focused investment. Sometimes, competencies can be developed through the implementation of commercial business plans. However, in many cases, the complexity and time required to expand the missing skills will favor a company that acquires know-how. 2) Strong plan will be the most powerful candidate “Adopting the project management topic”, once the link with the commercial commercial strategy has been properly established, it is time to postpone the search for experience. But you can not do it without the “right team” and a complete “game plan”, consisting of: an evaluation card that describes exactly what a person must do in a given function, acquisition options, equipment selection and a technique of sales to win the preferred candidates. Three) Observe the implications for the first class and the time “Bring the rock stars” The primary end result on the screen is exceptional. Use “A” skills or “Rockstar” methods to create applicants that meet the needs from top to bottom, as described in the plan. Candidates who have a 90% exchange rate achieve the expected results in a timely manner. However, long-term attention must also be paid, especially in the management of leadership positions. Here, aspects such as cultural interaction, integration and integration work. The following is promptness. The lack of agreed deadlines affects the business plans and no doubt justifies the loss of opportunities and income. The motto is: Deliver on time and on time! 4) Incorporation “additionally assume the things you need to make the employer aware of the new contract” Each new procedure to incorporate the agreement must be intentional and begin weeks before the first day. Prepared office work, creation of company accounts, all key study substances that can be studied in advance. This is only the fundamental. Remember to have the opportunity to hire a manager to facilitate the transition to new managers or executives. Meeting with the train before the first day will help create a smooth transition that will allow the new leader to begin to develop a movement plan. Long-term incorporation Remember: a powerful incorporation takes at least 3-6 months. Although the first weeks should bring a new rental advantage and knowledge for desires and lifestyles, a new job should begin in the coming months to build trust and believe among key stakeholders, even if they have more experience. The company acquires several commercial techniques. Five) Evaluate better performance “To reap the pinnacle”, when reviewing the way you bought talent and hired your executives, you see effects like: stronger intermediate groups that offer better commercial results. People, that is

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