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911 what’s your emergency? “We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please. There’s a note left and our daughter’s gone. She’s six years old”(Bane, 42). This was the call made by Patsy Ramsey on the morning of December 26th, 1996. Patsy had found her daughter JonBenet’s ransom note on the staircase of their Boulder Colorado home. She immediately contacted the police in fear of her daughter’s life. They then arrive on the scene and that’s when the twisted investigation started. I believe that both Patsy and John Ramsey took part in the murder of their daughter, JonBenet.Many people, police officials, and others think that the Ramsey’s are innocent. One reason is moral. They can’t believe that parents could do something that harsh and to their own daughter. Which means many don’t think that the parents had anything to do with the murder. Scientific evidence , however, shows more into the parents’ so called innocence. There was “DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear and under her fingernails”(Keene-Osborn, 36). That was found during the autopsy of her body later. The reason the DNA is shown is that it didn’t match any of her family members DNA. Nor did it match anybody else they tested. Nobody at all, not even the other suspects they had at the time. The other suspects were the people that were said to have contact with the few days leading to her death. Forensic intelligence couldn’t find anyone that the DNA matched.One person specifically believed that the Ramseys’ were innocent. His name was Lou Smit. He had worked on JonBenet’s “case for eighteen months but quit in protest when the grand jury was formed”(Keene-Osborn, 36). There is a theory of another reason why Smit quit. It was that he wasn’t allowed to speak  in court because of the lack of evidence that was found in his “Intruder Theory.” That didn’t stop him from exploring her case even further. Once Smit had finally gotten enough evidence and support he was allowed to testify. His testimony ” appears to have been a turning point in the proceedings”(Keene-Osborn, 36). The “Intruder Theory” was that an intruder had come into the Ramsey house and murdered JonBenet. The evidence to prove his theory wasn’t very compelling. One piece is that “He found evidence such as a footprint from an unidentified Hi-Tec brand boot, in the basement” (Keene-Osborn, 36). More evidence is that he found was the broken window in the basement, a pry mark in the kitchen door jam, and a palm print near the basement door. Although, Smit believes in his “Intruder Theory” he doesn’t have much evidence to support his claims. What really made people start to believe that Smit was correct was a statement from a “former FBI profiler hired by the Ramseys'”, John Douglas. “He believes that they don’t fit the mold”(Keene-Osborn, 36)Not only did Smit’s evidence sway the jury enough but Douglas’ statement made the jurors questions everything. In this investigation, nothing is as black and white as it seems. Many people still, after Smit’s testimony, believe that the parents are to blame. Despite the evidence clearing John and Patsy, there are still big suspicions. There are lots of weird pieces of evidence that the police can’t explain or even understand and that makes it hard to convict anyone. There are many pieces of evidence pointing to John and Patsy Ramsey, and the murder suspects.     The evidence that the police had gathered on the morning of December 26 was very peculiar. “Six-year-old JonBenet’s beaten and strangled body was found later that day in the basement” (Bane, 40). When the police initially searched the Ramsey household they missed her body. “She was found later by her father.” JonBenet had “duct tape covering her mouth, and a garrote tied tightly around her neck” (Bane, 40). She did have a blanket covering her body when her father first found her and the blanket was owned by the family. In 2015, Mark Beckner said “the little girl was hit in the head with a very hard, unknown object, possibly a flashlight,” and “the blow knocked her into a deep unconsciousness” (Bane, 40). He also believes that the “strangulation came 45 minutes to two hours after the head strike based on the swelling of the brain.” “The rest of the scene we believe was staged,” “to make it look like a kidnapping/assault gone bad,” says “James Kolar, the former lead investigator for the District Attorney’s office” (Bane, 40). While doing the autopsy on her “trace DNA samples of genetic material came from JonBenet’s fingernails, the crotch of her underwear, the waistband of her leggings, the wrist bindings, and the garrote- made by the killer” (Bane, 40). However, “trace amounts of DNA can get on places and clothing from all different, non-suspicious means, just as anybody who handles the clothing…who washes the clothing,and who packed it in China,” “says forensic pathologist Michael Baden” (Bane, 40). That logic didn’t stop investigators from testing that DNA that was found. “Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy” used a new method called “touch DNA” (Bane, 40). She used it “to recover unseen genetic materials.” “James Kolar, “said there were additional traces of male DNA found on the cord and a paintbrush that Lacy didn’t mention.” “In fact, he said there six separate DNA samples belonging to unknown individuals that were found by this test” (Bane, 40). Even by testing the DNA, they didn’t get any closer to finding JonBenet’s murderer. All of that testing only led to one conclusion. That was that “there is no forensic evidence to show this is a stranger murder.” ” Exonerating anyone based on a small piece that has not yet been proved to even be connected to the crime is absurd” (Bane, 40) Overall, the parents are still the main focus of the investigation. There has been very few pieces of evidence that shows that the parents are innocent. One detective by the name of Linda Arndt, even resigned her position because of “her suspicion of the Ramseys'” (Keene-Osborn). JonBenet wasn’t an only child, she had an older brother named Burke. He was never a suspect or a person of interest in his sisters’ murder. One reason was that he was only nine years old at the time. It would’ve been extremely hard for him to kill his own sister especially at his young age. Also “Burke was asleep on the second floor of the Ramsey home through the whole ordeal, his parents insisted. Police questioned Burke the day JonBenet was found” (Bane, 42). Nothing suspicious came out of Burke in that investigation nor in the interview, he had with a child psychologist. He had never publicly spoken about the situation until 2016. At the time though, it didn’t seem that he was that involved with the investigation.    Now the parents, on the other hand, were the focus of this investigation for a long time and still are. Her father, John Ramsey was the one to find JonBenet’s body in the basement. What makes him part of the investigation is the instead of leaving the body and immediately getting the help he picked her up and bring her upstairs. She had been wrapped in a blanket that was owned by the family. By doing this John “disturbed critical forensic evidence the police could’ve used to identify the killer” (Keene-Osborn, 40). He contaminated the crime scene which completely threw out all evidence they gained from the basement. Which many people thought was his plan all along, to ruin the crime scene. If he left any trace of him or his wife they couldn’t use it. Also it is believed that the scene was staged. John possibly could be the murderer JonBenet and if he already knew where she was at, because he staged it, that would give him a good reason to destroy any evidence he could’ve left behind.    The biggest piece of evidence in the whole case that just happens to point to Patsy Ramsey as a suspect is the ransom note left on the staircase inside their house. Shown at the end. Multiple credible people believe that Patsy herself had written the ransom note. “Written on a pad found inside the Ramseys’ home with a black sharpie that also belonged to the family, the ransom note was “the biggest oddity in the whole case, says Scott Robinson, a defense attorney and media pundit who had studied the investigation” (Bane, 40). Not only did he believe that the note was suspicious but so did “Michael Baden, a board-certified forensic pathologist who consulted with both former District Attorney Alex Hunter as well as Ramsey supporter Lou Smit regarding the case” (Bane, 40)Baden “says the whole ransom note is, in my experience of 60 years, not a usual ransom note. I don’t think it was written by an outside stranger. And more so than the writing itself is how it was done: the pen, the paper, the length of time it took to do it without being discovered. Then the extremely unusual random request for $118,000: only a very few people knew John Ramsey had just gotten a $118,000 bonus” (Bane, 40).That made investigators very skeptical of Pasty and the authenticity of the note. Also, the only fingerprints found “on the note came from the authorities who handled the document – and Patsy” (Bane, 40).Another element of the case that leads to the suspicions of Patsy, was that during the autopsy there was pineapple found in her digestive tract. It takes at least 6 hours to digest food but according to Patsy, “JonBenet was asleep when they brought her home from a friends house on the night of December 25” (Bane, 40). Also, there was a bowl of pineapple that was found in the house with Patsy’s fingerprints on the bowl. If she was the one to be eating the pineapple how did JonBenet have some in her digestive tract? Well, the evidence goes to show that means someone was lying and there would be no reason for professionals to ly. That only leaves one person who could be not telling the truth, that’s Patsy. That shows that she had contact with JonBenet before she died but according to Patsy she was asleep. That sparks lots of questions and ultimately pointing fingers to Patsy because according to evidence she was the last person to have contact with JonBenet before the ransom note was found.I believe that both Patsy and John Ramsey took part in the murder of their daughter, JonBenet.  Even out of the “140 suspects investigated” (Bane, 42) no one could put a finger on who did it. Although there has never been an arrest a large amount of evidence pointing to the parents. Many people do believe it was the parents as well.”1,400 pieces of evidence reviewed, more than 50,000 pages of investigation documents generated, and the case still remains unsolved” (Bane, 42). This investigation will probably end up never being solved and will continue to be one of Colorado’s most suspicious cold cases.

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