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 in the aftermath of the six days war in 1967 the Arab nation lost major territories to Israel including Sinia west bank and East Jerusalem. In order to reclaim the status quo of these occupied territories, the Egyptian president Sadat turned to US for peace negotiations with Israel. Sadat expected that the US government will break the stalemate and would encourage the Israeli to sit for peace talk with the Egyptian to restore the status quo of the occupied territories that were in the possession of Israel. However he faced with declination from the Israeli and US side. Although Sadat warned the American administration that the no change in the status quo of these occupied territories would pave way for another war.  But Sadat was not taken seriously, and instead he was regarded as a booster. Since the diplomatic channel did not work Sadat started to look for alternatives and he set a plan for war together with the president Hafiz Al Assad, He convinced and encouraged the Syrian president to join him in an offensive against Israel. On October 6th, 1973 Egypt and Syria simultaneously launched a large-scale attack against Israel on the day of Yum Kippur in, the holiest day in the Jewish calendar coinciding with the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. . Syrian forces crossed to the Golan height and meanwhile the Egyptian forces successfully crossed the Suez Canal and fortified their positions in the east bank. In the phase, attack panicked the Israeli forces since most of them were off duty. Israel almost seemed to have been brought To knees by the Arab forces, However neither side secured victory, The War of Yum Kippur was completely a disaster to all the belligerent sides, although Egypt did not win the war it consolidated the Egyptian president prestige in the Arab world thus enabling Sadat to force Israeli to restore the status quo of occupied territory of Sinai peninsula. 

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