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estimated additional 200 species of Malagasy
anurans, on top of approximately 300 which have already been identified,
Madagascar possesses significant amphibian phylodiversity (Andreone et al, 2016). However, with habitat degradation
and deforestation being responsible for declines in species richness of up to
50% in some Madagascan taxa (Scott et al,
2006), and Bd alone being directly responsible for the estimated decline and extinction
of more than 200 species of amphibian worldwide (Skerratt, et al, 2007., Fisher et al,
2009), we urgently need to investigate, evaluate, control or otherwise mitigate
the potentially detrimental factors of disease and habitat loss investigated
within this PhD. Particularly regarding anthropogenic habitat fragmentation, in
part due to the socioeconomic factors associated with habitat destruction. Although
dispersal and mating strategies have been stated to potentially counter the
loss of gene flow linked to population isolation after natural habitat
fragmentation on an evolutionary timescale (Allentoft et O’Brien, 2010.,
Valbuena-Ureña et al,
2017), in some cases having neutral or positive influences on biodiversity
(Fahrig et al, 2003), it is typically
accepted that endemic species with restricted ranges and lesser dispersal
propensities are at a higher risk of going extinct as a result of habitat
related population division and isolation

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