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Resource Planning System Complementarities

Typically, in order to support a successful
Enterprise Resource Planning system, it is advised that other communications
and systems should be eliminated. Enterprise Resource Planning systems are
supports for planned and routine management, this leads to the view that
Enterprise Resource Planning systems are not compatible with less structured
and spontaneous based systems (WANG and GREASLEY, n.d). However, McAfee (2008)
introduced Enterprise 2.0 as a way to introduce the social interactions within
organisations. McAfee (2009) pitched Enterprise 2.0 as the aim to build “internet
based software platforms” (WANG and GREASLEY, n.d) in order to facilitate less
structured, more spontaneous knowledge-based works within the organisation.
Technically, Enterprise 2.0 was developed from web 2.0 in order to enhance
communication. Beyond the technology Enterprise 2.0 benefits organisations by
establishing a network orientated structure and a collaborative, trustful and
transparent culture (WANG and GREASLEY. n.d). The combination of an Enterprise
Resource Planning system and Enterprise 2.0 enables a high level of
collaboration within the organisation. Enterprise Resource Planning systems
improve the collaborative activities between departments. The key tenants and
customer information sharing is limited between the groups. However, the
organisation is horizontally linked by the integrated Enterprise Resource
Planning system and Enterprise 2.0 (WANG and GREASLEY. n.d). As discussed above
Enterprise Resource Planning systems are thought to be more successful when
implemented into isolation and in my opinion, this is how organisations should
implement their chosen Enterprise Resource Planning systems, in order to help
to ensure a safer and more successful implementation. However, some software
can be adapted, for example McAfee (2008), in order to support and work
alongside the Enterprise Resource Planning systems and if an organisation
wanted to integrate its new Enterprise Resource Planning system with another
piece of software, it should not cause any harm to their Enterprise Resource Planning
system as long as the software has been adapted accordingly.

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