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This news article is about a new research saying that eating too little salt is as bad for our health as eating too much of it. it first talks about The Centre for Food Safety urges Hong Kong people to minimise salt or sodium-containing seasonings and how The New England Journal of Medicine reported that reducing sodium by 400 milligrams a day in the United States could not only save 28,000 lives, it could also save US$7 billion in annual health care costs. But then states that there is a cardiovascular research scientist, Dr James DiNicolantonio, who wrote a book called The Salt Fix: Why the Experts Got It All Wrong – and How Eating More Could Save Your Life. He says that, too little salt can lead to weight gain, chronic kidney disease, elevated bad cholesterol and increased blood pressure and heart rate. Not only is this mineral important, it’s “super important for our survival. It helps to regulate nerve contractions, nerve transitions, muscle contractions and facilitates the uptake of glucose into tissue and muscle. It’s responsible for electrolyte balance, for blood pressure. It’s like water and glucose, which I tell students are important for survival ,” says Nancy DiMarco, director of the Institute for Women’s Health at Texas Woman’s University and a professor in the school’s department of nutrition and food sciences. DiMarco also said, if we have too much salt in our bodies, we get rid of it through urination. Too little, and our kidneys reabsorb it into our bloodstream. “Sugar won’t do that,” says DiNicolantonio, adding that sugar is more of a dietary culprit than salt. “When you consume more sugar, you crave more.” DiMarco says, salt has “got a bad rap because of where it finds itself, which is in all these processed foods.” And DiNicolantonio says, eating low-salt diets creates cravings and leads people “to eat all these processed foods to get salt. They should be using real salt on real food.

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