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atalonia will be a massive Crunch for the Spain s national economy. Not only Spain it will be a Huge lost for EU as well. But however the separatist in Catalonia says that there is no point of carrying out the task of collapsing nations in hall Europe. Not only Europe they are explaining that Spain it self is a heavy burden to there regional economy.         The main slogans of Catalan separatist are that they need to keep there ethnic identity, their customs and values, culture, language and self  governing. These slogans are mostly similar to the ideas of Far-Right Nationalist in Europe. Former leader of UKIP Nigel Farage once stated that Catalan independence movement is mostly similar to what they had in UK towards Brexit referendum. But however what we can identify is that struggling for ethnic identity requesting for Economic Protectionism is trend in modern Europe and it will blow across to every region which has ethnic and cultural diversity. And also if the European nations or important regions of the nations keep battling for ‘Isolationism’ soon we can witness the collapse of European Union.        However the Catalan independence movement was not a story of success as of yet. After the Catalan parliament declared independence Spanish PM used the power given to him by the article 155 of Spanish constitution and dissolved the regional parliament. But we can`t confirm that the Catalan independence movement will stop at this point. It might escalate towards a  violent conflict and end with a blood-bath. But however we can`t make predictions about it. Some of politicians in Sri Lankan is trying to compare the Catalan issue with our our ethnic crisis in northeastern region.They are explaining that what will happen if northern region of Sri Lankan ask for a referendum for self-governing ? What we can say is that we can`t compare the northern region of Sri Lanka with Catalonia because Catalonia is highly industrialized and the most wealthiest region in Spain. They have the financial capability to survive on its own. But the northern region of Sri Lanka will definitively struggle because the water that they are using is also for the north-central parts of the island.                                              

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