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5. OpenersColumbus Garage Door Opener Service has every possible option when it comes to your choice of garage door openers. If your in the market for a quiet one or one that has less maintenance. Our company has the ability to provide and install whichever one.The Opener’s PurposeThe opener is one of the most important if not the most important part to a garage door. Walk into your garage and take a look at the top of the rack. If you see a little box sitting on top, that’s your opener. The job of the opener is to open and close the door itself. There are times that the parts inside an opener can go out which can cause  your door to not operate. We’ll have a technician take a look inside it and determine if it is the cause. Once that problem is figured out they will be able to know if they can repair or replace it.The Kinds Of OpenersNow that you understand the purpose of the opener and what it does. There are four different kinds. Each one built for a specific job and can benefit a owner in different ways. Take a look at these four different kinds and when your ready give us a call:Jack Shaft- has to used with a torsion spring system. This is known as a side mount opener is mounted to either side of the torsion bar. This opener is great for commercial buildings or homes with high or low ceilings.Screw Drive- this specific opener has a screw that sits inside the trolley. When activated it opens and closes the door. The wonders of this opener is that there’s less maintenance.Belt Drive- is very similar to the chain drive opener but instead of using a chain it uses a rubber notched belt. This opener produces the lowest amount of noise.Chain Drive- this opener has a chain on it, which looks like one from a bike and it’s connected to the motor. When the motor is working it pulls on the chain which then opened the door. Majority of people have this kind of opener.There a few to choose from and if your still unsure as to which one you want. We’ll have a technician come take a look at your garage door and help you with that decision. We want to make sure this process goes smoothly for you.Time For An UpgradeSo if your opener has finally kicked the curb, it may be time to look into replacing it with a newer model. With new technology these openers offer your garage great benefits which could make life a little bit easier on you. When your ready for an upgrade take a look at these upgrades that comes with different openers:Backup battery- will keep your garage door operating even when the power decides to go out. So if a bad storm hits and everyone loses power, you’ll take comfort in knowing your garage door will still work.Warranty- depending on the part and the repair, some of these have a warranty that the manufacturers offer. Always ask a representative if your service will fall under that warranty.Noise Control- not many people enjoy a noise garage door. If your one of them, ask our sales team about which opener produces the lowest noise.WiFi- your able to control your garage door through your tablet or smartphone. Giving you easy access for entrance and also able to see if you left the door open.With our team on the job they’ll be able to educate you on all the openers features and which one will best fit your garage. It’s important to not make a quick decision and take your time with this. Feel free to ask any question if you need help choosing.The PartsThe opener is a mechanism that opens and closes your garage door but what’s inside is what makes the opener work. These components work together for everything to function correctly. You have the transmitter, capacitor, dip switch and the receiver all which make the opener. Below is a detail description of what each part does:Transmitter Is the switch on the wall or nowadays can be your smartphone or tablet. This sends a signal to the receiver to tell the garage door to open. Sometimes people mistaken the transmitter for the opener.ReceiverWill take the signal from the transmitter and send it to the capacitor which has the door open or close depending on the location.Capacitor This component starts the motor that operates the opener. The way that works is by taking the signal from the receiver and turning it into power.Dip SwitchThis part will sync with the transmitter and the opener together for the door to operate. It will also help you to open your garage door and not someone else’s.Frequency Without a certain frequency that your opener needs to be on. Hackers would gain access to your garage door very easily. Your opener produces what we call rolling code technology which constantly bounces codes around making it hard for people to hack into. A garage door opener frequency should be between 300-400MHz.Sometimes this code can become out of sync meaning a technician should come by and take a look at it. If it is, they’re able to make a simple adjustment to solve the issue. Contact us at anytime if your door isn’t functioning properly and we’ll be right over. ProfessionalAlways make sure to hire a professional when working on your opener. You don’t want someone to cause more issues that will end up needing the whole opener replaced if it isn’t needed. With all the electrical components inside an opener it can be quite difficult to repair them. With our technicians and the proper training they have, they’re able to repair any opener type.It’s imperative to give us a call right away if you feel like your opener might be the cause for your garage door to malfunction. A technician will test the parts to see which ones are not working. Then talk to you about the possible options to repair or replace it.Contact Us Right Away For Your Opener IssuesWe’re always fully prepared to take on any garage door opener need in the Columbus area. Making Columbus Garage Door Opener Service your number one choice for all garage door needs is important. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to repair or replace any opener you may have. If a repair is not able to happen, we’ll be able to have a replacement part sent to us and have it fixed right away. Available to you 24/7 a team can be at your property anytime that best fits your needs. So contact us right away and let’s get your garage door opener working again. No more waiting around! Call us now!

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