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5. Group Dynamics within the business (1.2)

Lewin (1947) used the term ‘group dynamics’ to
describe both the potentially good and bad outcomes that can arise from groups
of people.

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High Performing Teams (1.2)

Although most of my time as a HR Assistant has
been pretty generalised (getting broad experience in recruitment, learning and
devlopment, HR systems, Data and employee relations), I was seconded to the
Learning and Development division for 3 months where i worked on a
functionalised L&D project. 

I worked with senior HR employees, to identify
the steps that HR should take in order for HR to be conducive towards creating
a high-performing workforce.

The fact that our roles consisted in identifying these
suitable tasks, correlates with Macaulay and Cook’s (2013) view that there is
no consensus on how L should operate in order to create a high performing

The influence that our HR department had on
creating a high performing organisation may have been strong.

 We identified that employees valued
updates on company performance.  This
correlates with the importance of regular communication to stakeholders from HR
as identified by Macaulay and Cook (2013).

Team discussions were also deemed important in our office, as also
identified by  Macaulay and Cook (2013).

Integration between staff members was identified in our office as being
conducive towards employee performance, and further included by Macaulay and
Cook (2013).

Intergroup dynamics (1.2)

The benefits of ‘open plan offices’ have been
highlighted within the literature (Kim and de Dear, 2013).  These offices allow different teams to mix,
as they walk past different teams on the way to their desks.  It is evident that the idea of introducing
such initiaves would be intertwined with the ideology of ‘intergroup dynamics’.

The principal of ‘open plan offices’ coupled with
‘intrgroup dynamics’ was suggested as we were trying to solve the ‘social
interaction’ problem discussed earlier. 
Unfortunatly, changing the physical office layout was not feasabile at
that time.


6. Conflict Resolution Methods (1.2)

Investigation Training for Human Resources team

The importance of re-training Human Resources at
different periods has been highlighted within the literature (Wexley, K.N. and
Latham, 1991).

Ibec can provide training to Human Resources
professionals on how best to investigate issues before they arise.  Other institutions can also provide similar

In my experience, I have spoken with managers who
have attended the Ibec course and then conducted investigations at work.  They maintained that the course was

An ability to identify when Human Resources
members should get involved in the confilct (1.2)

From my professional experience, I have grown a
recognition for the importance of a HR person knowing when to step in to
resolve a situation. From my experience: HR getting involved at the correct
time (not too early or too late), can be pivotal in resolving conflict as it

This correlates with SHRM (2015) who also
recognise this importance, and include the below three steps of when HR should
get involved in conflict:

“Employees are threatening to quit”

“Disagreements are getting personal”

“Conflicts are affecting morale and
organizational success”

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