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This study targets to search out how do entrepreneurs
perceive on relationship between franchisor and franchisee usefulness of
franchisor’s supports, building up trust to have a better performance of their
business. In addition it is to show the relationship between franchisors and
franchisees in school business in Gujranwala, Punjab. Franchising is
fast-growth and already been a success in international market in decades but
still in an early stage for Gujranwala. In this regard, many entrepreneurs in
School franchising business are unsuccessful in dealing with the globally
well-known brands. The contribution of previous researches about franchising
has been explored in importance of relationships between franchisor and
franchisee. Using Leader-Member Exchange theory to develop an intangible model
to propose and explain how relationship quality can affect the significance of
franchisee’s trust and franchisee’s performance. An Exploratory research was
arranged and involved gathering qualitative data using interviews. The sample
considered in the study consisting 3 Branch heads and owners in the franchise
school. This study can be deemed a new study topic in Gujranwala because there
are not many researches on franchisor and franchisee relationship, particularly
in Franchise Schools. A thematic based analysis is used for this study. The
properties of textual information, which detect the important structures of its
communication content, are systematically identified. According to the finding
of this study in franchise business, franchisor allows to use its brand name to
the franchisor with the supports in kinds and cash. All 3 franchisees made the
parallel statement that they had supports from the franchisors. Most of the
respondents agreed that the relationship between them will make their
performance better because nature of franchise dealing is based on cooperation
between franchisor and franchisee. 

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