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Schematic and photograph of the trial setup Gather Condition Monitoring Data This is the central period of the Case Study. Three courses of action of vibration sensors are mounted to the draw shaft of Outfall Screw Pump No.4 so as to check the illustration and enormity of straight and dashing vibration when in operation. The ponder field data is supported to the SCADA structure. The condition watching data is then recouped by the condition checking engine of the CMMS for following control and getting ready. Compute the Degrading Index (DI) This is the second period of the Case Study. For every course of action of condition watching data, Degrading Index is determined with root-mean-square (RMS) of vibration significance. Manufacture RAR Model This is the third period of the Case Study. The Recursive auto-backslide (RAR) exhibit includes a period plan stochastic autoregressive (AR) show and recursive parameter estimation with a developed computation in light of model demand affirmation with Akaike’s Information Criterion (AIC) and the parameters assess with Recursive Least Square methodology. The RAR show is then joined to the condition watching engine of the CMMS as one of the fundamentals in the decision help gadget. RUL estimation – Degrading record suspecting This is the fourth and the last period of the Case Study. Right when the future adulterating rundown foreseen in the time course of action condition is equal to or more than the edge degrading rundown, the time wander ahead contrasting with this evaluated corrupting rundown is believed to be RUL of the machine. The RUL is differentiated and Reasonable Time (RT) for portion asking for and movement or subcontracting update works. In case RUL is still longer than RT, by then the condition watching strategy will continue and proceed as no resulting action is anticipated. In any case, when the RUL is proportional to or not as much as RT, a Work Request for Standard Overhaul Procedure ought to be begun.

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