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In this part at first, the researcher tried totest the acceptability of the two hypotheses that were stated in the first chapter,based on the acquired results of the pervious sections in this chapter and then discusses about these results.


4.7.1 Hypotheses testing

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H01:Exposure to grammatical structures through extensive reading does not improve learners’ mastery of grammar,


Based on the scores of the participants on post-test for the four grammatical categories (Table 4.5), we saw that participants in experimental group had a higher mean score than participants in the control group so we can say that there is a significant difference between the two groups in answering to the post-test questions.  Regarding that all the participants in beginning of the research had arelatively similar linguistic proficiency and also during the experiment they were studying the same book (Connect 1), we can conclude that the outperformance of the experimental group on post-test related to the additional story books that the participants in experimental group were to study as the extensive reading exercise.So our first null hypothesis is rejected and we can say that extensive reading cause the improvement of grammatical mastery of English language learners.


H02:   There is not any significant difference between studying grammar traditionally and learning grammar through extensive reading.


In order to see if there is any significant difference between studying grammar traditionally and learning it through extensive reading, we compare the scores of the participants in both groups for any grammatical category were compared to see if their scores had any significant difference or not.

The mean score of control group in the four grammatical categories namely simple past tense, objective pronouns, adverbs of frequencies and determiners were14.08, 14.31, 15.02, and 15.11 respectively while the scores of experimental group’s participants in these grammatical categories were15.03, 15.23, 15.93, 15.81respectively. The overall mean score of the participants in control group is 14.63 and the overall mean score of the participants in experimental group is 15.50. As we see, the mean score of experimental group is higher than that of control group.

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