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Teaching and learning is an ongoing
process and where strategies can be different from those in motion. Although we
find many changes in the education system, the role of a teacher will remain
the same but with little change. Teachers job is to convince students that
education is needed. Teachers must think from the point of view of a student before
they plans to interact with students.

1)      Teacher
as a facilitator

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                    It is vital that students
should feel that their teacher’s concern to them, therefore the teacher should
be the best facilitator for students in all aspects. As a facilitator, teacher
should directly show some support for the students in learning for themselves
as an independent explorer. As a facilitator, a teacher should lay a strong
foundation for their personal growth. A teacher should be an example for their

Teacher as an assessor

                    As a teacher, assessment is
an important tool for extracting student knowledge by providing continuous
feedback. The teacher’s role is not complete simply by teaching the lesson.
Assessing is an effective tool for making students learn perfect. A Teacher
before assessing a student must first assess their own conclusions, the extent to
which a student will benefit from their correct judgment. This assessment can
be done through verbal feedback, by doing a quiz, by giving some tasks and
others. The assessment makes teacher plans for future teaching techniques and
in guiding them to master their language.

Teacher as a manager

                    The role of teachers as
managers is a very important role in classroom guidance. Teachers must
mastering the material in advance for the class within the stipulated time,
which includes academic and interpersonal skills with a variety of teaching technique.

Teacher as an evaluator

everyone is aware that evaluation plays an important role in a teacher’s
success. Evaluation is a subjective process, associated with academics. A
teacher should be an effective evaluator when evaluating students. A correct
and fair evaluation must be done by a teacher to do justice to a student’s
career. As an evaluator, a student should focus on areas of competence and not
on weaknesses.

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