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is the process of constructing new information and knowledge to prior existing
information stored in one’s schema. This information is acquired through social
interaction between individuals and their environment. The constructivist
approach to learning allows students to become active participants in the
learning process; therefore, the learning process is student-centered as
opposed to being teacher centered. For example, students participate in
inquiry-based learning where they use their prior knowledge to solve real-life
problems, and the teacher acting as a guide or facilitator to assist students
to critically think through the learning process. When solving problems,
students become actively engaged by making meaningful connections to their
schema. Through communication and collaboration with peers or teachers,
students are able to build new information and knowledge on prior knowledge
through the process assimilation and accommodation.

     When teaching a group of young students
who are interested in finding out the difference between living and non-living
things, I will discuss with students the characteristics of living and
nonliving things. Next, I will present students with pictures and guide them as
they think about whether the images can be classified as living or non-living.
Also, students will be given more pictures to classify the pictures into living
or non-living things in pairs. I will observe and act as a guide by prompting students
and asking them questions to tap into prior knowledge as well as to get an
explanation for their answer. In a traditional classroom, the learning process
will be more teacher-centered where the teacher teaches and have students
memorize the characteristics of living things. The students will also work
individually as opposed to in peer; therefore limiting interaction and

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