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2.0 Introduction to the chapter 2 Chapter 2 is a literature review. In chapter 2, comparison of four existing system will be shown. The weaknesses from those four system would be improve to adopt in this project. 2.1 Introduction Storage system is significant for an organization, it is useful in keeping all office goods, document and item in a neat and systematic (Blog, 2008). Residential college store system is a system that can be used by the Sakura residential college in University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Previously, Sakura College use a manual procedure to handle the college store. This system will have a menu for student to choose the name of their residential college. To login into the system, student will need to input their matric number and password. Once they are log into the system, they can click on the store menu to check-in their goods. Each of the student will enter the number of item that they will store in the college store and choose the item size. The system will auto generate how much they will need to pay based on how many items they stored and the size of the item. Once everything is save and submitted to the database, the system will generate a tag which will contain a barcode. Barcode technology help for centralized a record of items on a computer system (Woodford, 2016). The student will need to print out and stick to their item. These barcode contained the student information, if the student wanted to take this item, they will need to scan their item barcode to prove that the item belongs to them. This will prevent the student took the wrong item 2.2 Review on similar existing system There are a few of storage system in the market. Those system mostly used to keep goods and handle the inventory. Example of inventory and storage system are the ABC Inventory System, RightControl System, WAMA Cloud Warehouse Inventory Management and AirAsia Baggage System. 2.2.1 ABC Inventory System ABC Inventory System is design for inventory management and has the ability to track each step in the inventory life cycle start form creating a purchase order for supplier until the shipping of the product to the customer. The basic feature for ABC Inventory System are password protection, popup message translation, screens and report customization. The major feature for this system are purchase order for inventory and fixed assets, warehouse appointment which include support for screen customization and appointment for inventory items. Inventory control which include inventory item master list and barcode scanning at receiving, loading and shipping. The weakness of this system it does not provide online support and email support. User will not be able to link the workstations together to make them read and adjust the same data. Figure 2.0: ABC inventory main page Figure 2.1: Item master summary 2.2.2 RightControl RightControl system is a sophisticated stock control system that provides an integrated suite of easy-to-use invoicing software, inventory control system and warehouse management tools. RightControl settings is simple to use and manage, it has a contact management which keep a database of the supplier and customer. Other than that, this system can generate barcode and also design the barcode to print and allocate to the items inventory. Other feature that this system could include is the sales invoice. Figure 2.2: RightControl barcode scanning Figure 2.3:RightControl barcode generator 2.2.3 WAMA Cloud Warehouse Inventory Management WAMA is the android application and also a web based which help to manage warehouse. WAMA organize the warehouse inventory and have all the information updated in real time. It use smartphone to scan barcode and take the product photo. All the data are synced online which allow user to access data everywhere. The features of WAMA Cloud Warehouse Inventory include add, delete, edit and search the product. Other than that, it can categories and organize the product and also save the location of the product in the warehouse. The WAMA also include dashboard which user can see all the information about the warehouse, how many total number of product and the total cost. WAMA cloud warehouse inventory management include the feature of using camera as a barcode scanner. The user can import or export the data using a spreadsheet file. Figure 2.4: WAMA item warehouse Figure 2.5: WAMA dashboard 2.2.4 AirAsia Baggage System AirAsia baggage system enables user to check-in their baggage without queueing at a check-in desk. User will print their bag tags while doing self-check-in at the kiosks and proceed to drop their baggage at the automated counter. The Self Bag-Drop unit will spontaneously check flight data, baggage weight and size allowances before check in the bag into the baggage handling system. The airline will also include ‘Home Tag’ which allows guests to print their bag tags at home with their boarding pass. The bag tags can be printed in a normal A4 sheet and put it into a plastic cover then attached to the bag. The bag can then be dropped at the Self Bag-Drop. Figure 2.6: AirAsia baggage system homepage Figure 2.7: AirAsia baggage procedure 2.3 Comparison between Existing Systems. The following table gives features of the summary of the 4 existing systems discussed in the previous section. Table 2.1 clearly shows that the proposed system fulfil the aspects that will be very helpful for students whom staying in Sakura Residential College.

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