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2.0    1.1IntroductionComputers greatly depend on memory and processor speed to become fast and efficient.  The CPU in a computer constantly needs access to information that resides on the hard disk but constantly accessing information from the hard disk all the time will cause the computer to become very slow thus there is the need for memory. The Memory is a physical device where current programs and data are held during processing. Memory are basically classified into volatile and non-volatile and they come in various sizes. The capacity of the RAM can affect the processor speed   (Beebe, 1994). The RAM comes in with different types such as secondary, Primary, Cache, Virtual memory and the restThe processor is a hardware component that calculate arithmetical and logical operations of basic input and output of instructions. (clement, 2006). The processor is made up of several building blocks execution units, registers files and control units. Both Intel and AMD microprocessor manufacturers in the world, have introduced several types of computer processors. For example Intel they have i3, i5, i7 etc. Each processor type is different from the other in performance and technology. With the various types of memory that causes changes on processor performance .The researcher narrow his work to RAM and how it causes effect on processor performance. A RAM is the main storage device built in the computer system which is set to be volatile of hardware device that allows information to be stored and retrieved on a computer temporary (Bediako, 2011) The RAM comes in with many types such as SDRAM, DDR RAM, DDR2 RAM, EDO RAM, DDR3 RAM DDR4 and the rest. The various types of RAM can cause changes in processor performance in terms of speed, capacity, storage and it functions. This researcher focus on how memory impacts the performance of the processor. This will help the users to know the importance of RAM and how it impacts the processor performance. Having this knowledge will help the user know how his computer will perform if it has less or more memory. This will give the user a competitive advantage in buying the best computer for whatever purpose he will use it for. Ram is such a key element to how your computer functions. People think that having more      RAM is very good essential to computer performance but remember buying more RAM than you need does not make performance benefit. However much you require will depend on two factors what you want to do with it and how much you’re to spend. For example, RAM in various capacities and changes or differences. Recent RAM modules can be bought in different   capacity 8GB, 4GB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2GB some examples of the various types of RAM include, RIMM DIMM, SIMM, SO-DIMM, and SO-RIMM. All the above memory sizes such as 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and the rest comes with different speed on the processor. (Stanek, 2009)  The RAM size can help the processor to work faster or slower base on the capacity and speed it carries.  When more RAM are added to the computer it help the computer to work with more data at the same period. This can increase the performance of the system3.0    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATUREThe purpose of this chapter is to review related literature on the issue of memory on processor performance. The literature review was discussed under the following sub-headingsThe concept of memory architecture The computer processor  The Random Access Memory   Factors affecting processor performance3.1        The concept of memory architectureAccording to (geek, 2011) He propose that all the various kinds of memory can come together to increase the performance of the processor of the computer system .without causing changes or damage to the processor. He conclude by saying that when we join memory together it will help reduce the cost effect and also it will allow the system to work faster and increase the performance of the processor. Many researchers has review memory architecture by saying that memory architecture is the core or the heart  of the operating system that store information and helps the  processor to  access quick information,  In view of this, memory has become the backbone of processor (Miller, 1977) (Camras, 1988) (A.M., 1999) By compiling all this common ideas from the above researchers, I thereby conclude  that memory architecture  is the frame work or the hearts of the computer memory chip that holds or stores  data for  the  processor to use within a short possible period time3.2        What is computer processor? Is basically, design to perform the functions of the operating system. According to (Aditya Motadoo, Oct 2011) In his work he said that the processor is the execution point in the computer system where all transaction and processing takes place. He added that the processor manage and control all activities and also help the user to perform all his tasks,With reference to (Hennessy, December 1984)  he is on the view that the processor is the core of the operating system that runs the activities of the programs input and output system of the computer performance.According to (Mutlu, 2010) on his article he stated that   because the modern trend is changing, the processor has become the heart of the operating system for execution of instructions. We should move from single processor to multi core processor to build into one chip to help to faster and increase performance. With john and is friend argue that the processor with the multi core is the efficient and it perform faster based on the design architecture and also increase the performance of the processor (.E, 2009) Moreover According to (Clement, 2006) the central processing unit controls and execute programs, it’s also term as the processor. Base on the type and speed of the processor will determine the performance of the computer. The microprocessor is a CPU fabricated on a single chip of silicon.With the above various authors definitions, you could see clearly that, all of them have one idea in common, I duly review that the efficiency on processor performance may have great impact of computer usage,   I therefore conclude by saying that, though the processor runs the instruction of the computer it needs to have a capacity, sizes and the speed to function effectively and efficiently to increase its performance3.3        What is Random Access Memory?According to (Vidas, 2007.)  She described the Random Access Memory (RAM) as a system that has more sufficient space waiting to be reused. RAM have  design and caching divisions  that include a strong state  of  related information, she then conclude her analysis on  Ram by saying that  the   collection of  small  data  from a RAM duplication often requires data  to be gathered from a related non-volatile store prior to analysis, but may need a  little acquisition of  training and reduce more   information on the hardware component issues . At least, the RAM acquired allows analysis to occur after first response and enables RAM data to be viewed an additional static evidence item to which traditional Preservation and duplicate validation According to (Mueller, 2011) this researcher is of the view that RAM is the temporary space in the computer that is used to stored information within a short possible time while waiting for execution. Memory storage was considered as a key component of the computer system over the few years, he said, explaining the RAM has changed dramatically in this current days to become something that means the primary memory is working space the processor uses to execute programs, He finally said that the  RAM contain a Chip which is called dynamic RAM (DRAM), that can be used to perform two functions ,one feature of Dynamic RAM(DRAM) is that information can be  written to RAM repeatedly at the same time With reference to the above, I am with the view that RAM is the primary supportive memory that enable the processor to access quick information instead of accessing it from the hard disk 3.4        Factors affecting the Processor Performance According to (AKSOY, 2013) he said that, there are lots of factors that affect the central processing unit of the computer performance. Just to mention few such as, the instruction set, Bandwidth, the clock speed, the front side bus, cache size and heat Dissipation. With all this factor I am of the with that both the bandwidth, clock speed and the rest with high performance can help the processor to work faster and efficient To conclude these result, the RAM and the processor is the backbone of the computer performance. I have also realize that when buying a computer, the RAM and the Processor must be consider, it Serve as very important tool of the computer hardware and software4.0    METHODOLOGY In the area of research, methodology represent the  particular procedures, strategies and techniques  that the researcher deliberately employed to use, that are manifested in the research design, the sampling design, the data collection, interpretation and so forth .Indeed the literature review represent a technique of data collection since the literature reviewer makes a choice from  a variety of techniques and procedure for  identifying ,recoding , understanding  and transmitting the information based on the topic interest. Searching through the existing information source is another technique of collecting data. The literature review can be seen as tool of gathering data. Also the literature review includes exercise such as recording, identifying, understanding,   meaning making and transmitting information    Articles, Journals references and also to compared the memory sizes to the processor in terms of speed 5.0    RESEARCH DESIGN5.1        Case study research design Research design on case study was introduce to analysis the issues and draw conclusion. This was appropriate for carrying out this case study on memory and it performance. By using books, articles Journals and also to compare RAM sizes According (V, 2001) in his view he said that RAM structure refers to those hardware parts that store the data elements and the related information during it program execution or performanceWith reference to (DeMuro, 2015) he said that memory leakage is one of the major factors that can cause lack of performance apart from the RAM size  because according him the processor may have enough RAM but if  it fail to release to processor for execution, it  will lower the performance and something stop the processor for running  How the processor works in connection with the RAMThe microprocessor reads the contents of the information on the RAM location at first by sending the data through the address bus. Then the memory manage to control or inform the signal to read data that has been received from the address bus. Finally, the data read from the RAM are sent back to the microprocessor through the data bus. Whenever a RAM write, I/O write, or I/O read occurs, the same sequence ensues, except that different types of control signals are issued and the data flow out of the microprocessor through its data bus for a write operation.  In the current dispensation most computer operating systems are upgraded with a 64-bit.Some systems have older design and utilize a 32-bit (X86) operating system. Operating system will support the new amount of memory. Microsoft Windows versions and the amount of RAM supported: Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases The Memory capacity for instance the more gigabytes (GB), the more RAM module has, the more programs or software you can open at once. This means that so the RAM capacity is very vital in checking the performance of the computer system   The Windows Vista or the XP can used 2-4GB update capacity to run the system. So if the RAM is below that capacity then RAM can handle only single application. If your system has less than 4GB of RAM, adding more RAM would greatly improve its performance. The 4-6 GB standard RAM capacity will handle an average user’s tasks of work such as coral drawing, web browsing, working in Word documents, emailing, editing etc.   The 6-8 GB. This larger RAM capacity works perfectly with the great casual gamers and basic multimedia users. It can handle multiple programs or tasks open at one time and new technology so that users don’t have to upgrade when their needs change.8+ GB. This robust RAM capacity is perfect for hardcore gamers and high-end multimedia users and creators. These users want to try the newest technology on the market without upgrading their RAM. Memory Speed: The capacity of times that it takes RAM to receive a request or information from the processor and then finally read or write data back to processor for executions. The faster the RAM, the faster the processing speed. The faster the processor speed depends on the RAM speed and it capacity and this is measured in Megahertz (MHz), millions of cycles per second, and this can be compared to your processor’s clock speed. For Dell desktops, Toshiba, HP and laptops, The memory speed can range from the standard 1333MHz all the way up to speeds of 2133MHz. The speed of your processor and the bus speed of the system motherboard are the limiting factors on the speed when RAM is installed in the computer system6.0    CONCLUSIONThis paper has briefly explained Random Access Memory and the processor on the bases of their properties and furthermore clarifies their preference based on the recent scholarly researchers reviewed work hereinAlso RAM capacity and size system of today’s computers is a key factor to obtain good processor performance. The current study also focus bit about the importance of more RAM and the factor that affects the processor performance and give a gap to future researchers to further give explanation to RAM effect on processor performance In view of the recent investigation it appears to be true that, the Random Access Memory has a great impact on the processor performance and therefore if anyone want to buy computer to used he or she must check the capacity and speed of the Ram on the processor. However, the high performance of computer processor speed will depends on the sizes or capacity of the RAM ?

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