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 Td Canada trust

Address- 55 king street w, Toronto, ON

Postal code- M5X 1A2

CEO- Greg braca

Phone number- 1800 430605

Province- Ontario



                        The Toronto dominion is Canadian  is a multinational banking and financial
services. commonly know as TD bank group. The bank was established on 1 February
 1955 by involved bank of Toronto and
dominion bank. The td  bank  is founded in 1855 and 1869. The bank number
is 004.

 It is the second-largest
bank in Canada by total assets. Td bank is ranked 10 in north America. As world
wide it is at number 26. It is oldest bank of Canada. The td bank has 85000 employees
and 22 million customers around the world. In Canada bank give service to 11
million customers and with 1150 branches. In us there are 6.5 million customers
and 1350 branches in the eastern united states.


 Td bank strategy –

 To be the better bank

              North America

Top 10 bank in north America.                                       

Leverage platform growth engine

One of only few bank globally to be rated Aa1 by

Strong employment brand

Retail earning focus

Leader in customer service and convenience

Strong organic growth engine

Over 80% of adjusted earning from retail.

Better return for risk under taken

Franchise business

Repeatable and growing earning stream

Operating a franchise dealer of the future

Focus on customer driven products

Consistently reinvest in our competitive advantages

Risk discipline

Only take risks understand

Robust capital and liquidity management

Systematically eliminate tail risk

Culture  and policies aligned with risk philosophy.


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