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Hyderabad is one of the most
famous cities in India. With an estimated population of 10.8 million, Hyderabad
stands fourth on the list of most populated cities in India. The number of
vehicles in the city is almost half the current population and this is creating
traffic chaos in the city. The traffic chaos is leading to several unfortunate
circumstances such as high number of road accidents, delay in transit time for
passengers and high level of pollution within the city. As per the report of
the city’s Pollution Control Board, the Air Quality Index of several areas of
city fall in low range which means that the air pollution level of the city is
at a very high state and can have adverse impact on the people residing in the
city (Puppala, 2017). As per the reports of Hyderabad Traffic Police there is
an average of 250-300 cases of accidents per day and an average of 1948
accidents per week. All of this causing due to congested traffic conditions and
high number of vehicles (“Accident Analysis – Hyderabad Traffic
Police”, 2017). The current public transport system of the city is not
very effective and thus the current project proposes a metro rail project for
the city that would be very effective in solving all these problems.

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Business case is defined as the
document prepared for justifying the project (Marnewick, 2014).

1. Executive Summary

The introduction and project
overview for the Hyderabad Metro Rail construction will be given in this
project. The main objective of this report is to make a business case for the

2. Introduction

Main Issue and Problem statement

is the fourth most populated city in India. Currently, the city’s public
transport is not very effective due to which a lot of people buy their own
vehicles. High number of vehicles running in the city is causing high traffic
chaos and it is leading to air pollution, noise pollution and accidents. The
traffic is also causing the loss of several man hours which is wasted getting
stuck in the traffic (“Accident Analysis – Hyderabad Traffic Police”,

2.2 Anticipated Outcome

anticipated outcome of this project is that by providing an effective means of
commutation i.e. the metro rail, this project can lead to more people leaving
their vehicles at home and opting for metro rail transport, thus, leading to
lowering of pollution within the city and also the number of accidents. This
will also save several man hours wasted waiting in the traffic (Puppala, 2017).

2.3 Justification

of Hyderabad currently are opting to transport in their own vehicles due to
lack of effective public transport. If they are given an effective solution for
their problem i.e. the metro rail, they would definitely choose this option
because they are not benefitting from using their own vehicles. Firstly,
because of the fuel expenses involved and secondly because of the time wasted
wait times in traffic jams. It can be estimated that, if even half of the work
going people opt to travel by the metro rail, it can reduce the pollution by
50% and also the accidents by 60%. Thus, this project is highly viable and need
of the hour for the city to reduce the traffic, accidents, pollution and save
man hours.

3. Business case analysis team


The business case team for this
project involves a Project manager to manage the project team and business
case, an executive sponsor would be providing executive support for the project
and subject matter expert to provide expert advice on the related issues.

4. Project Overview

4.1 Project Description:

project will involve construction of a Metro Rail linking the key hubs and
areas of the city, with platforms in key hubs. The route of the metro will be
constructed in such a manner that it links all the key work areas and
educational hubs of the city. This is because, most accidents in the city take
place due 9-11 am and 4-6pm and this time is associated to people going to and
coming from schools, colleges and offices. Thus, they would be the main uses of
metro and thus the route would be planned in the manner it covers all the key
areas that they would use.

4.2 Project Objectives:

To plan an efficient
metro rail system for Hyderabad.

To complete the
project within a span of 4 years, within the prescribed budget.

To decrease the fuel
consumption by 2 billion per year and thus decreasing the pollution by 50%.

To plan the metro
rail system in a manner that it decreases the transit time for passengers by

To reduce the number
of road accidents in Hyderabad.

4.3 Project scope:

Building the metro tunnel
for the specified route.

A metro railway track
(Metro line) with platforms at six key stations namely: Nagole, Mettuguda,
Ameerpet, LB Nagar, Miyapur and JBS.

The platform will
comprise of a passenger information station and a LCD transit map which will be
color coded.

The platform will
also have several stalls which will can be rented to stores and shops.

4.4 Project Performance:

following are the key aspects of the project will would provide anticipated

Key Aspect

Anticipated Benefits

Metro Rail
Line covering major areas of the cities

This would
reduce the traffic and pollution in the city as people would opt for metro
transport instead of using their own vehicles inside in the city.


This would
increase the employment opportunities as new businesses can open up in the metro
rail station and this could also bring income to the project sponsors in
terms of rent.

Metro Rail

This would
reduce the number of accidents in the city.


4.5 Assumptions:

All the permits for
metro rail construction will be obtained by the steering committee.

All the resources
required for the construction will be obtained without any problem.

The metro rail would
resolve the pollution and road traffic police in Hyderabad City.

4.6 Constraints:

The metro rail
construction should abide by the civil construction code of the country.

The project has to be
completed within 4 years.

The project has to be
completed within a budget of $5 billion AUD.

The project should be
completed within the prescribed scope. 

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