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1)      Gordon,
Alexander. The History of Peter the
Great, Emperor of Russia. To which is

prefixed, A short
General History of the Country, From The Rise of that Monarchy AND AN Account

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Aberdeen: Printed by and for F. Douglas and W. Murray,

            This work provides details about the
Grand Embassy and argues denial of Peter the Great visiting the fortifications
was the main reason of the war against Sweden. The work gives detail about the
alliance against the Turks in Vienna formed by Russia, Poland, and Venice. The
work gives plenty of information about the Northern War, and the involvement of
Colonel Gordon in the war and the interaction between him and Peter the Great.
This work would be useful for my research, because it provides details about
three major events led to establishment of St. Petersburg.

2)      Korb,
Johann Georg. Diary of an Austrian
Secretary of Legation at the Court of Czar

Peter the Great.
Translated and Edited by Charles Count MacDonnell. London: Bradbury &
Evans, 1863.

            This memoir provides details of the
alliance between Kingdom of Poland, Republic of Venice, and the Russia. The
memoir argues, the allies were required to take over and start a war against
the mutual enemy on the land or sea who were Turks and Tartars. It is claimed,
in the situation of a war or peace the states who made this alliance must
collaborate. According to the memoir, after the formation of this alliance and
until it stops none of the state can make peace with the declared enemy. It is
argued, when one of the states attempt to take over the lands of the enemy the
ally states should distract them to assist them. It is claimed, this pact was
made for three years and supports good relationship with the ally states. The
consequences of the Grand Embassy played an important role to make Peter the
Great follow different strategies. This source will be useful for to discuss the
politics of Peter the Great before the establishment of St. Petersburg.

3)      Perry,
John. The State of Russia, Under the
Present Czar. London: B. Tooke, 1716.

            Perry believes, the success of the Azov campaigns made
Peter the Great realize the naval power has extensive benefits. Perry claims,
Peter the Great believed this would make the state keep Azov and fight against
the Turkish in the region of Black Sea. Perry argues, the rejection of to see
fortresses in Riga in 1697 made Peter the Great outraged and when he returned
from the Grand Embassy this was one of the reasons why he decided to fight
against Sweden. Perry argues, Peter the Great was most passionate to see
Holland. Perry claims, Peter the Great decided to learn how to make ship. This
source would be useful, because it gives information about the desire of Peter
the Great for ship building, one of the reason why he declared a war against
Sweden, and provides events from the Grand Embassy.

4)      Schoonebeeck,
A. New Map of the Part of the Baltic Sea
(Novye rozmernye karta

chast’ Baltijskoe more).
1703. 1:740 000.

of Peter the Great’s Time. The National Library of Russia.

            It is argued, this map was from
first drawn collection of maps regarding sea in Russia. It is claimed this map
was drawn to make visualize the actions of the Russian forces to show Peter the
Great in the Northern War requested by him. It is believed, it was a new map
like many other in the time after St. Petersburg was established to illustrate
the city. This source would be useful for my research, because it will show the
geographical importance of the Baltic Sea for the Russia and the form of St.
Petersburg when it was established.

5)      Staehlin,
Jakob von. Original Anecdotes of Peter
the Great, Collected From the

Conversation of
Several Persons of Distinction at Petersburgh and Moscow by Mr. Staehlin,
Member of the Imperial Academy at Petersburgh. London: Printed
for J.Murray, 1788.

work contained of anecdotes provides detail about the Grand Embassy of Peter
the Great. It is argued, Peter the Great was fascinated with the Greenwich
Hospital in England. It is argued, Peter the Great worked in the shipbuilding
factories which thought was that his main goal was to establish them in Russia
as well. I will use this work to show the influences of Peter the Great from
the West which can be seen in the establishment of St. Petersburg. 

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