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1. Managing Workforce Diversity In a big company and organization, employees can be divided into different gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, relation and more. The main purpose of a company to hire a great diversity of workers is to make good use of their talents and potentials in order to maximize the business’s profit.  The main challenge for manager is to make sure the employees work well together in organization with fixed rules and regulations but retain their cultural identity and lifestyle at the same time. Employees will worker harder when their need is satisfied, this will enable organization achieves the target easily. For example, manager can create a group that of diverse workers to do a project but not letting workers only work in a group of their own race of peoples. Not only that, manager should always respect workers and never force them do anything that is against their culture and lifestyle.   2. Improving Customer Service Customer service is the employee’s attitude and behavior to satisfy customer’s needs and satisfaction. It is very important because good customer service will attract customer come back to company while bad customer service will reduce the income of company. Manager should always pay attention on employee’s attitude when communicating with customers, provide communicating class for employees and always read the customer service feedback in order to improve the customer service. Not only that, manager should also improve case service by installing and using technological tools like computer, internet, phone for employees to smoother employee’s work performance. For an example, manager shall put some time at reception counter but not stay in office for whole day as manager will enable to communicate with customer and solve communicating problems as soon as possible if it occurred.   3. Empowering People Empowering people defines as putting workers in charge of the jobs which they are familiar and specialized in. Manager should give rights and freedom to employees to do their work as this will increase their commitment to work and make good use of their talents and potentials. Employees become more independent and develop into great self-manage person, meaning that employees can work perfectly even though boss and manager are not around the company. Manager should act their role as an adviser to help the workers to do their task with minimal and effective guidance.For an example, manager should always listen and pay respect to the employees while they are operating their task. Manager shall not correct the mistake directly by himself but have a talk with the team leader and give him some useful advises and guidance.                 

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