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One of the important
practice of the HR manager is to recruit the right candidate for the post at
right time in the cost efficient manner. The HR manager can do recruitment as
the internal recruitment or external recruitment. In the internal recruitment
company chooses right candidate from the company itself and in the external
recruitment company chooses from the applications received from outside.

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Performance Appraisal

HR manger is responsible for providing continuous performance
evaluation to the employees. And according to the evaluation the HR manager
should provide them reviews and this will motivate the employees to work more
effectively and efficiently. This will also increases their productivity.

3. Be an employee

HR manager should know the issues that employees
are facing in the organization and it is responsibility of the HR manager to
solve that issue. HR manager should become the voice of the employee and should
adopt the changing need of the employees and should know their priorities.

Outsourcing HR services strategically

The HR managers should
focus more on the activities which cannot be out sourced like building business
relationships and developing custom solutions for business. The recruitment
processes or other such kind of practices can be out sourced which will save
the time of HR manager.

5. Employee Relations

To maintain formal as
well as informal relationship among the employees as well as between the
employees and management. This will help the organization to achieve its goal
smoothly and easily because the informal relationship will increases the
understanding among the employees.

Induction and training

To provide the induction
about the organization culture to the new employees and make them comfortable
in the organization is one of the work of the HR manager. It is also the duty
of the HR manager to give proper training to the new employee and make them
understand about their work.

Motivation Speaker

HR manager should
motivate all the employees so they can work more efficiently and effectively.
And their productivity increases which will help in achieving the goal of the
organization. For motivating the employees HR manager can called motivational
speakers and manage to have motivational seminars.

8. Employee Experience

Employees should have
enjoyable work experience in which they learn, understand and gain knowledge while
working. Which will reduce employee turnover rate and increases the employee’s

may use tools like employee journey map or Pulse Feedback tools, Employee
wellness apps, Modern communication and productivity tools that will help facilitate
the understanding and development of the employee experience.

9. Resolving Conflicts

It is the responsibility of the HR manager to
resolve the dispute among the employees and if they have any work issues so
they help employees to solve that issues. Which will increases the job
satisfaction of the employee.

10. Mandate vacation

There should be policy
in the organization that every employee need to take compulsory vacation from
his work which will increases the productivity of the employee in work. This
not only help the employee in the work but also the organization because this
will increases the creativity of the employee which will lead to the progress
of the organization.

11. Two way mentoring

In this process of two
way mentoring both new as well as old employees learn and gain knowledge from
each other at the same time. The new employees will know the organization
culture and practices from the old employees and know about the machine and the
techniques used in the organization. While old employees will learn the new
tools and modern techniques from the new joiner.

12. Maintaining work culture

It is the role of the
HR manager to main the work culture of the organization according to the
culture of the organization so that employee should feel comfortable while
working in the organization and engaged them in the organization activity.



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