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     In light of the
development and urbanization taking place not only in the UAE but also all around
the globe, many government and private organizations are in need of more
employees to carry out the work required to achieve their aims and
organizational goals and. Therefore, these organizations hire their employees
in order to fulfill theses duties. However, There are simple types of tasks in
every profession career job that the employees cannot meet at the same time
that they performs their usual tasks due to their work restrictions with time
and submission deadlines or due to the fact that they need more hands to help
them finish their assigned tasks or new projects provided to them . These kinds
of jobs are considered a very important to business to be able to run the work
faster and more efficiently.

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     Therefore, these
companies search for trainees to evolve them for a specified period of time in
an internship or traineeship program at the firm in order to enable the company
to accomplish the work required and at the same time so that the student or
trainee to acquire the main work skills and contact with the work environment
before joining it after graduation. Therefore, some universities and
educational institutions agreed to cooperate with these firms to provide them
with senior students whom have enough knowledge to involve them in these
programs. This report contains my personal internship experience details in the
financial department at Dubai Maritime City Authority in the semester of fall
of the academic year of 2017/2018.

About the authority

     Dubai Maritime City
Authority is a government authority headquartered in the Emirate of Dubai which
provides services at the local maritime sector. Dubai Maritime City Authority
seeks to provide a high level of logistic services and diversification of
investment opportunities in the maritime field in order to attract the leaders
of marine industries and develop the maritime sector in the country regionally
and globally. The authority provides many services that can be completed
electronically and in person, and are composed of more than 100 types of
services in various fields. It provides many different services for individuals
and businesses that include several classifications such as services of
issuance, amendment and cancel of Marine crew licenses, services of Marine
craft registration and licensing, Maritime operation services, commercial
maritime services and many more.

Background and significance of
the study

     I have joined an
internship program at Dubai Maritime City Authority for the fall semester of
the academic year of 2017/2018. I was employed in the financial department
under the supervision of the senior financial manager. I have successfully completed
my internship program at Dubai Maritime City Authority and wrote this report to
demonstrate my journey. It includes details about the authority itself, my
duties and responsibilities in the authority, and my limitations and
recommendations as well. 

     This type of internship
programs is considered very significant to both universities and organizations
because it allows university students to gain professional experiences and
enhance their academic knowledge by incorporating and implementing what they
have studied in their university in the real field. It also helps the organizations
to finish the needed jobs efficiently and in a less costly way. The internship
program that I have joined was very suitable to our university’s bachelor
degree finance program which helped me in developing my own skills and the
authority to fulfill their internship program requirements.

Aim and Objectives of the study

     This internship aims to
combine the academic knowledge of the student with the practical requirements
of the authority through involving the student in the performance of some tasks
that develop his/her practical skills and allow him/her to apply what have
learned in their universities in the real work environment.

The main objectives of the study include:

the practical environment of Dubai Maritime City Authority.

what has been taught in the financial courses at Al Ghurair University in the
real life.

working in the financial field.

ability to demonstrate the work experience gained from the internship in this



Structure of the report

     The structure of the
paper consists of firstly of my letter of transmittal followed by my
acknowledgment and executive summary of the report. The introduction section
will includes an overall view about the authority, background and significance
of the internship, aims and objectives of the internship and the structure of
the report. The next section is about the authority profile which will contain
a brief introduction on the authority, the vision and mission statements of the
authority, the values of the authority and the organizational structure of the
authority. After that, I will introduce the methodology used in collecting the
data used in the report. The next section will involve my Personal position and
job description. It will include a description of my Position, my main job
description and responsibilities my work experience and my achievements.
Lastly, I will introduce some of the limitations I faced and provide my
recommendations and a small conclusion about my journey.

Authority Profile

About the authority

According to Law No. 11 of 2007 on June 3, 2007 Dubai Maritime City was established
in the emirate of Dubai. Article 4 of that Law sets the objectives of the
Authority such as, navigational services, registration of ships and yachts,
navigation and educational research, design and manufacture of ships,
regulation of maritime transport and specializing in maritime affairs.

     In order to achieve these objectives, regulations and articles have been put in place to implement the provisions of this law such as issuing licenses to individuals and companies and provide them with administrative and professional technicians, ownership of plots and facilities, sale or Leasing them.  The Authority imposes fees for those services. The Authority is composed of the President, who is often the President of the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, and the Executive Director who appointed by the President.    

Vision and Mission








Leadership: Dubai Maritime
City Authority seeks to be one of the leaders locally and internationally in
providing excellent maritime services and high quality products that meets the
expected standards in the industry. 

Enthusiastic Customers: Dubai
Maritime City Authority first priority is the first destination that satisfies
the needs of maritime and non-maritime customers in the local, national and
international market.

Innovation: One of Dubai
Maritime City Authority strong beliefs is that in order to keep the industry
continuously robust and sustainable, they need to focus on cultivating the
innovation in their crew.

Collaboration: Dubai
Maritime City Authority is working ambitiously to achieve successful operation
and provide excellent maritime services by collaborating with other governmental
and nongovernmental authorities in Dubai and UAE.

Human Capital Excellence: Dubai
Maritime City Authority aims to provide a rewarding professional experience
that promotes equity, dignity and respect for all employees from different
regions and races.

Respect and Integrity: Dubai
Maritime City Authority believes in the highest degree of dignity, equality and
trust. They implement ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in
every action that they take.

Environment: Protecting
and caring for the preservation of the marine environment in the Emirate of
Dubai and the UAE is one of the most important values and principles that Dubai
Maritime City Authority seeks to achieve.

Organizational Structure

     There are five levels in
DMCA organization structure, the first level consists of the President and
Executive Director, the second level consist of the Executive Director-Operation, the Executive Director-Commercial and the Executive
Director-support services, the third level consists of the sub Directors and last
level consists of the rest of the employees.



3.   Methodology

     This report in
considered a qualitative report, therefore, Data collection methodology was
based on the observation and analysis of documents and job tasks that were
assigned to me during my internship period. I was able to gather the primary
and secondary data in this report during the internship period by recording
everyday tasks and overall achievements in the entire period. Other information
such as the general information on the authority was driven from my
observations at the beginning of the internship period and the official website
of the authority.

4.   Personal position and
job description


     I have joined an
internship program at Dubai Maritime City Authority for the fall semester of
the academic year of 2017/2018. I was hired as a Finance intern specializing in
payrolls. I was under the supervision and reporting to Ms. Fatima Al Wahedi the senior financial
manager of the financial department. My duties and responsibilities but not
limited were recording financial transactions and preparing financial
statements and other duties related to the field of Finance and Accounting, but
my main focus was on performing payroll related tasks.

Job description

     As mentioned before, I
have joined DMCA as a finance intern. My main responsibility during the
internship period was dealing with payroll related tasks, however, many parts
of my role were about assessing the financial manager and other financial
accountants in other sections in performing everyday tasks such as recording
everyday financial transactions and revising and auditing existing financial records
and other tasks as well.

     The following list demonstrates my main
job duties and responsibilities at the financial department in general:

a control of clear financial recodes.

of existing policies, procedures and processes.

in initiating or/and improving other FD section’s.

other section’s function within FD to widen self experience.

trained on some of the GL functions such as:

Manual JVs

Capexes and Opexes

Fix Asset policy, procedure and processes.

in the implementation of Asset Management system    

     Below listed my main job duties and
responsibilities at the financial department on payroll tasks:

of work contracts and statements of salaries, and proving holidays, leave salary,
stop/release salaries, end-of-service benefits.

of employee data entries, entitlements, leave, absence and penalties in the
specified computer program and review the initial and final statements of
salaries and their conformity.

and review the details of deductions and make sure of the monthly repayments
according to the insurance regulations.

of the entitlements of authorized employees and those in official business
duties and settlement of their financial dues in accordance with the

the reports, statistics and data requested in the fields of salaries, employee
benefits, and the settlement and preparation of termination of service for
employees whose services are terminated in accordance with the regulations,
procedures and statutory entitlements.

up with the implementation of staff files and save copies of contracts,
holidays and transactions in the files concerned.

of performance evaluation reports during the probationary period or annual
staff assessment.

Work experience

     My journey as an intern
at DMCA was remarkable and very educational. The experience I gained during my
internship period at DMCA was not limited to work tasks only, but I was able to
learn so many more things by engaging in the work environment as well.
Therefore, I was able to gain experience related to field of study as well as
experience in dealing with customers and team members.

     My manager was very
professional yet nice and welcoming and she has taught me many things related
to my job. She was very encouraging and acknowledged my positive attitude and
hard work. She provided me with a positive feedback at the end of the internship

     The employees at DMCA
were very corporative and very engaging and that created a professional yet
friendly work environment. I was able to communicate and learn from other
financial accountants and that enhanced my knowledge about the field of finance
and accounting. Other staffs were also very friendly and helpful. They were
ready to help and provide me with any necessary information or documents I
needed to complete my work. This
internship has taught me so many things and I am grateful for this opportunity.


     This internship has
helped me achieve a lot in terms of developing my personal and professional
skills and enhanced my knowledge as well. Following are some of the key
achievements I have reached during my internship period at DMCA:

internship has helped me integrate the financial concepts that I have learned
in the university and apply them in the real world. I was able to implement
many techniques that we have learned in finance and accounting courses such as
the calculation and preparation of financial statements for example. 

I have
developed my interpersonal relationships and became more professional in
dealing with customers and communicate with coworkers thanks to the help I have
got and the way I was treated by my team and manager.

the help of my team and fellow workers, I have learned how to face difficult
tasks and challenge myself in finding the most suitable solution for them.

was also able to learn some important skills such as data analysis and records’
updates as well.

 Other small tasks such as the administrative
tasks have also taught me how to be more organized and deliver the required
work at the time.

was introduced to the practices used in the financial department of a
governmental authority in the country which I believe will open a door of
future professional opportunities. 








5.   Limitations

     Time restriction was the
main limitation I have faced during my internship period. Since this internship
was only for the fall semester of the academic year, I believe that it wasn’t
enough to teach me all aspects of the financial field. I wasn’t able to
experience all types of concepts used in accounting and finance in this period
of time and I believe I would have needed more time to implement and learn more
in my study field.  Another limitation
was confidentiality in providing some information to me. Since I was an intern,
some information and data were not provided to me for the reason of
confidentiality. A third limitation would be the need to more training and
supervision. Many of my team members had really busy schedules, therefore, they
were unable to asses me and help me sometimes and that would have delayed the
submission of the required tasks assigned to me by my manager.

6.   Recommendations

     First, I would like to recommend
universities and companies to elongate the duration of internship in order for
the student to learn more and get a comprehensive idea about the practices used
in their field as well as providing students with more experience that they can
use in their resumes in the future. I would also like to recommend providing
students with more training in order to be able to finish their tasks in time
and as accurate as possible. Finally, I would like to recommend future student
who intend to join an internship program to choose the company and section that
is suitable and matching your field of study.

7.   Conclusion

     This report contains of
the basic points that summarizes my internship in the financial department at
Dubai Maritime City Authority in the fall semester of the academic year
2017/2018. The report included my letter of transmittal followed by my acknowledgment
and an executive summary. The introduction section explained the main aims and
objectives of the internship as well as the main purpose of it. The authority
profile section introduced the authority’s overall view and highlighted its
main goals and values. The methodology section explained my data collection
method.  I also explained my Personal
position and job description as well as my work experience and achievements
during the internship period in the personal position and job description
section. Finally, I stated some the limitations that faced me along with my recommendations
and a conclusion about my report. 

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