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The brand
of the CPU that I use is Intel, the model is Core i7-4710HQ and 2.50GHz is the
speed of the processor.

The brand
name and version of the BIOS/UEFI of my computer is, “Alienware A01, 2015-01-30”.
I checked it my typing “msinfo32” into “Run” and looking at the “System
Information” section.

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The amount
of RAM installed in my computer is 16.0 GB. If you go to the “Control Panel” then
go to “System and Security” and click on “View amount of RAM and processor
speed” you can see the amount of RAM installed in your computer.

are two physical disks in my computer the size of one is 128034708480 and the
other is 128034708480. I needed to use the internet for this and I found the
information in the “Widows PowerShell”.

The name
of the device driver used for the video display is “NVIDIA GeForce GTX” and the
version is 970M I found this information in the “Device

name of the device driver used for the network is “Killer Wireless-n/a/ac 1525
Wireless Network Adapter” and the version of it is I found this
information in the “Device Manager” as well.


Chapter 1: Review the Basics


1.     Six
types of video ports are VGA, S-Video, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, and Thunderbolt.

2.     The purpose of an expansion slot on a motherboard is to be used by adapter cards, which are circuit boards that give
more ports than the motherboard originally gives.

3.     The best way to determine
if a cable inside a computer is a data and instruction cable or a

power cable is to check the connection because a power
cable connects to the power

and a data and instruction cable connects to
the motherboard.

4.     Tools can a PC support Tech use when taking apart a computer to
best protect computer components against ESD is a ground bracelet and antistatic

5.     Three
purposes accomplished by the motherboard BIOS are, the system BIOS manages important
devices (for example keyboard, hard drive, and monitor) before the OS is
started, startup BIOS starts the computer, and BIOS setup is used to adjust the
motherboard configuration.





Chapter 1: Think Critically


1.     The
least expensive ways to upgrade your system to wireless are to buy a wireless
expansion card and install it, and buy a USB wireless adapter and use a USB
port to connect it to your PC.

2.     Questions you would ask her to help her
make her decision are

are your typing skills? Are you a fast type?

you draw diagrams or tables when you take notes or are they all written?

is your budget?



Chapter 2: Review the Basics


1.     When installing the front panel wires to
the motherboard front panel header, you need to use the motherboard manual
because the motherboard documentation is not explicit.

a laptop internal device fails, the three options you use to deal with the
problem is, first return the laptop to a service
center for repair, then replace an external component for the internal
component, or use the offered problem-solving tools offered by the manufacturer.

3.     After you have removed the AC adapter and
all peripherals, the next component you should always remove before servicing
any internal laptop components is the battery pack.


Chapter 2: Think Critically


cords to the motherboard are not connected.  If the monitor’s outer power cord was not plugged in, the
computer would not respond.

Will replacing the motherboard be
more costly than purchasing a new laptop? You should ask yourself this since
the other options are useless because there is no need to use your money. 

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