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04.07.2017 Tuesday


On Tuesday, I had a meeting with Process
Improvement Manager and my Supervisor.We discussed the evaluation of project
and utilitization. After that, I worked on Cost Accounting Project.The project
analyzed by using the data which were entered into the system.I searched on the
internet the Method Analysis Objectives, and checked my work.

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·      The improvement of processes and

·      The improvement of plan, office or service
area layout.

·      Economy in human effort and the reduction
of unnecessary fatigue.

·      Improvement in the use of materials,
machines and manpower. (6)



05.07.2017 Wednesday


In the sixteenth day of my internship, I
worked at Bakery Products Department.It was really a complicated department
because there were many machines, tools, workers and products; a lot of kind of
bread, cake, cookie, dessert, etc. Following the subprocess was hard, so
firstly I tried to learn the machines and tools.Sources were determined. After
that, I continued to work at Packing Department 1, and tried to catch the
products, which are in my to-do list.The data was entered to the ERP System.


06.07.2017 Thursday


In the seventeenth day of my internship, I
improved phases of the time study;


·      Analysis

·      Measurement

·      Synthesis

·      Reporting

·      Standard Update


Upon the steps, I had a meeting with Mrs.

Çalay?r. Then, I had a chance to learn to compose Sales Report. The sales
report composing was an important task because there was a new project, and the
report used for presenting to the company, which has a project with
Cakes&Bakes. It was an exciting work for me because I worked with real data
of a big company. Then I reviewed the data and searched information about the
Sales Report and the Production Report on the internet.

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