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•       Lens 4: Social context and community: Draw on Stevenson and Wei-Skillen’s (2006) distinction between private and social entrepreneurship to reflect on where you see your future career and/or entrepreneurial aspirations


As I observe the world from a global perspective and from its reflection in the media, I cannot help but express great concern for our society’s hardships. However, there is still hope in Innovation through entrepreneurship, which has become a necessity in the modern society and economy, in institutions and in business. Entrepreneurship is created in time, step by step, since it can not be planned and rushed, but rather oriented towards opportunity and needs.

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One important factor to be highlighted, in regards to entrepreneurship, is that it is usually very dispersed all through society. Entrepreneurial needs constantly change along with its global markets. A considerable amount of achievements in our society have been possible due to individuals that understand their duty as architects of their unique communities. And,  based on their evaluations, each entrepreneur becomes an individual that can help create options through change – who can help clarify problems and choices, who can build and inspire others by providing a vision of endless possibilities, better organizations and, therefore, a better society. Succesful entrepreneurs must have those indispensable qualities of contagious self-confidence, unwarranted optimism and incurable idealism. They are the engines that keep the wheels of our society spinning.

The terms “entrepreneurship” and “entrepreneur” have become widely used throughout the world because of their association with the economic development and welfare of a nation. The impact of an entrepreneur’s activity on the world is strong and incontestable, since they are ultimately the faces of progress. They are the visionaries who introduce new technologies, promote new products, stimulate the discovery of new resources and mobilize capital. In addition, entrepreneurs are the ones who provide a job for most of the world’s population. Thus, it idicates that in order for entrepreneurialism to become successful, people and their skills are the essence of such a system.

Succesful entrepreneurs are given by their ability to create products and offer services that improve the lives of their customers. A key element of a growing economy is finding new means of pushing the market forward. As management has become a body specific to all contemporary institutions and the integrating element of organizational society, innovation and entrepreneurship must become an activity that sustains life. If a new business climate is introduced and it manages to expand, it creates a chain of opportunities, not only for the people seeking work in that particular area, but also for other entrepreneurs to further impact the community and mostly improve upon it. Entrepreneurship should be viewed as an activity in the service of our societies’ demands and subordinated to its purposes.

The most relevant feature behind entrepreneurialism is its absolute power of creating wealth from and for the people that it employs, as well as for the the entrepreneur, defining a stable cycle of local economy that must be in constant balance. Entrepreneurship creates national Wealth, which is obtained by governments through taxes, and then readded into circulation, being used by the communities and businesses that require it.

have been prepared to start their entrepreneurial life in a unique way, in which the basis is integrity and harmony.

I believe that, in today’s economy, competition is growing and the general focus is shifting towards emotions and subjectivity. Inclining towards a unique entrepreneurial life that is built on integrity, harmony and social awareness is the path that I am planning to adopt, as well as promote. A life in a business that starts with self-expression combined with honoring your word to others, while the entrepreneurial component is harmoniously integrated into all other aspects of a complete experience (family, health, hobbies, travel, personal development, etc.).

Therefore, the future of our society is promising, as organizations and leaders try to promote more peaceful and constructive forms of adjusting our business to our societies pace needs. Entrepreneurs have the obligation to evaluate their priorities, knowing that working alongside their communities and becoming one consolidated force must be the ultimate achievement. Solid societies are always ready to react, as well as adjusting to changing and evolving conditions. When demanding times come, companies and their representatives can reach deep into their mutual beliefs and principles, so that they could work together on bigger causes and greater results (Deal, Kennedy 1988).

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