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·         To minimise the risk of electric shocks it’s important to reduce the voltage, portable equipment is powered by 110 voltage supply via transformer. Which are tapped on the earth so the max voltage between a live conductor and earth is restricted to 55v. Also, to minimise the risk it is essential to ensure fuses are fitted correctly. A fuse is a device which is made to protect high current. It does this by blowing up or cutting off when the current is increased the rated capacity also increases. Fuses are made for specific equipment, so a fuse should only be used for that equipment. For example, a 3-amp fuses are used in equipment which require around 700 watts. Equipment that require more than that should not be used with a 3 amp plug as it can cause electric shocks or even fires.

To avoid any electric shocks, it is important that a person reads the manufactures instructions to avoid any risk to the person itself and the equipment. To avoid any burns or shocks it is important that an extension lead is not overloaded because if it is then there is a high chance of it exploding. When this happens, it can cause an electric shock either from the lead or from the equipment because extension leads are able to take a specific amount of current and when there is an overload it can be harmful for the person. To minimise this risk, it is important that people do not overload the lead and be careful of what electronics can be plugged in.

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To avoid starting fires within the socket of an electronic device an earth wire should be used as it is the safety wire which is connected to the earth. It helps prevent fires or any AC/DC current through the external area of the plug. It works by cutting off, when the live parts come across the earth wire then the fuse automatically blows or cuts any supply. Class 1 equipment have this earth wire. Class 2 have plugs which are double insulated and is shown by a double symbol. Class 2 equipment have no earth wires. The device of a class 2 has the basic and extra insulation. Both can stop fires and electric shocks.

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