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The ?t?r ?l???ifi??ti?n? ?f the h?tel? ?re ? fun?ti?n ?f the ?ervi?e?
pr?vided by them. But, the pre?ent ?t?r ??teg?ry ?l???ifi??ti?n n?rm? in indi?
h?ve been ?? h?ph?z?rd th?t h?tel? ?l?im t? be ?ix-?t?r ?r ?even-?t?r, when the
gl?b?l n?rm ?l???ifie? h?tel? ?? ?ne ?t?r ?t the l?wer end ?nd five-?t?r deluxe
?t the luxury end.

The re???n f?r differen?e? between the gl?b?l ?nd the indi?n
n?rm? i? in the ?t?nd?rd ?f ?ervi?e? being ?ffered by the h?tel? in indi?. ?? ?een
in the p??t few ye?r?, m??t ?f the luxury ?h?in? h?ve ?t?rted ren?v?ting their
pr?perty, ?? ?l?? upgr?ding exi?ting ?ervi?e? t? m?t?h the new ben?hm?rk? (?ervi?e?
?ffered by intern?ti?n?l entr?nt? ?u?h ?? R?di???n, Hy?tt ?nd inter??ntinent?l).

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With the entry ?f the f?reign h?tel?, the?e n?rm? in indi? w?uld
h?ve t? be re?et t? refle?t the new ?ervi?e? ?ffered by f?reign ?h?in?, whi?h f?ll?w
? ?t?nd?rd ?et ?f ?ervi?e ?ffering? ??r??? it? pr?perty. But ?t the ??me time
the h?tel? need t? upgr?de their ?ervi?e? with ?h?nging ??en?ri?. B??ed ?n thi?,
f?ll?wing ?re the ?l???ifi??ti?n?-


§  ?ne-?t?r H?tel?: H?tel?
in thi? ?l???ifi??ti?n ?re likely t? be ?m?ll ?nd independently ?wned, with ? f?mily
?tm??phere. ?ervi?e? m?y be pr?vided by the ?wner ?nd f?mily ?n ?n inf?rm?l b??i?.
There m?y be ? limited r?nge ?f f??ilitie? ?nd me?l? m?y be f?irly ?imple. Lun?h,
f?r ex?mple, m?y n?t be ?erved. ??me bedr??m? m?y n?t h?ve ?n en ?uite b?th/?h?wer
r??m?. M?inten?n?e, ?le?nline?? ?nd ??mf?rt ?h?uld, h?wever, ?lw?y? be ?f ?n ???ept?ble

§  Tw?-?t?r H?tel?: in thi? ?l???ifi??ti?n h?tel?
will typi??lly be ?m?ll t? medium ?ized ?nd ?ffer m?re exten?ive f??ilitie? th?n
?t the ?ne-?t?r level. ??me bu?ine?? h?tel? ??me int? the tw?-?t?r ?l???ifi??ti?n
?nd gue?t? ??n expe?t ??mf?rt?ble, well equipped, ?vernight ????mm?d?ti?n, u?u?lly
with ?n en-?uite b?th/?h?wer r??m. Re?epti?n ?nd ?ther ?t?ff will ?im f?r ? m?re
pr?fe??i?n?l pre?ent?ti?n th?t ?t the ?ne-?t?r level, ?nd ?ffer ? wider r?nge ?f
?tr?ightf?rw?rd ?ervi?e?, in?luding f??d ?nd drink.

§  Three-?t?r H?tel?: ?t thi? level, h?tel? ?re
u?u?lly ?f ? ?ize t? ?upp?rt higher ?t?ffing level?, ?nd ? ?ignifi??ntly gre?ter
qu?lity ?nd r?nge ?f f??ilitie? th?n ?t the l?wer ?t?r ?l???ifi??ti?n?. Re?epti?n
?nd the ?ther publi? r??m? will be m?re ?p??i?u? ?nd the re?t?ur?nt will n?rm?lly
?l?? ??ter t? n?n-re?ident?. ?ll bedr??m? will h?ve ?n en ?uite b?th ?nd ?h?wer
r??m? ?nd ?ffer ? g??d ?t?nd?rd ?f ??mf?rt ?nd equipment, ?u?h ?? ? h?ir dryer,
dire?t di?l teleph?ne ?nd t?iletrie? in the b?thr??m. Be?ide? r??m ?ervi?e, ??me
pr?vi?i?n? f?r bu?ine?? tr?veller? ??n be expe?ted.

§  F?ur-?t?r H?tel?: Expe?t?ti?n? ?t thi?
level in?lude ? degree ?f luxury ?? well ?? qu?lity in the furni?hing?, de??r ?nd
equipment, in every ?re? ?f the h?tel. Bedr??m? will ?l?? u?u?lly ?ffer m?re ?p??e
th?n ?t the l?wer ?t?r level?, ?nd well de?igned, ???rdin?ted furni?hing? ?nd
de??r. The en-?uite b?thr??m? will h?ve b?th b?th ?nd fixed ?h?wer. There will
be ? high en?ugh r?ti? ?f ?t?ff t? gue?t? t? pr?vide ?ervi?e? like p?rter?ge,
24-h?ur r??m ?ervi?e, l?undry ?nd dry-?le?ning. The re?t?ur?nt will dem?n?tr?te
? ?eri?u? ?ppr???h t? it? ?ui?ine.

§  Five-?t?r H?tel?: Here y?u ?h?uld find ?p??i?u?
?nd luxuri?u? ????mm?d?ti?n thr?ugh?ut the h?tel, m?t?hing the be?t intern?ti?n?l
?t?nd?rd?. interi?r de?ign ?h?uld impre?? with it? qu?lity ?nd ?ttenti?n t? det?il,
??mf?rt ?nd eleg?n?e. Furni?hing? ?h?uld be imm??ul?te. ?ervi?e? ?h?uld be f?rm?l,
well ?upervi?ed ?nd fl?wle?? in ?ttenti?n t? gue?t?’ need?, with?ut being intru?ive.
The re?t?ur?nt will dem?n?tr?te ? high level ?f te?hni??l ?kill, F pr?du?ti?n
t? the highe?t intern?ti?n?l ?t?nd?rd?. ?t?ff will be kn?wledge?ble, helpful,
well ver?ed in ?ll ??pe?t? ?f ?u?t?mer ??re ?nd ??mbining effi?ien?y with ??urte?y.




M?rket ?tru?ture in the F?reign M?rket?-




?? per my ?n?ly?i? ?nd ?tudy, ?p?rt fr?m the ?ervi?e ?nd l???ti?n
, there i? m?re t? the m?rket ?tru?ture in the H?tel indu?try. The type ?f bu?ine??
it i? in ?nd whether it i? ? m?n?p?ly ?r ? perfe?t ??mpetiti?n.

? m?n?p?li?ti??lly ??mpetitive firm ??t? like ? m?n?p?li?t whi?h
me?n? th?t the firm i? ?ble t? influen?e the m?rket pri?e ?f it? pr?du?t by ?ltering
the kind ?f the pr?du?t being ?ffered.

Unlike in perfe?t ??mpetiti?n, m?n?p?li?ti??lly ??mpetitive firm?
h?ve pr?du?t? th?t ?re n?t perfe?t ?ub?titute?. ?? ?u?h ? H?lid?y inn Expre??
pr?du?t, whi?h i? different (?r ?t le??t per?eived t? be different) fr?m ?ll ?ther
br?nd?’ pr?du?t like D?y? inn i? ?v?il?ble fr?m ? ?ingle pr?du?er.

??n?umer? h?ve ? ?le?rly defined preferen?e ?nd ?eller? ?ttempt
t? differenti?te their pr?du?t? fr?m th??e ?f their ??mpetit?r?, the g??d? ?nd ?ervi?e?
?re heter?gene?u?. in the ?h?rt-run, the m?n?p?li?ti??lly ??mpetitive h?tel ??n
expl?it the heter?geneity ?f it? br?nd ?? ?? t? re?p p??itive e??n?mi? pr?fit,
thi? i? ? r?te ?f return gre?ter th?n the r?te required t? ??mpen??te debt ?nd
equity h?lder? f?r the ri?k ?f inve?ting in the h?tel.

The H??pit?lity indu?try being ? m?n?p?li?ti? ??mpetitive m?rket
h?? the f?ll?wing ?h?r??teri?ti??: 
• M?ny ?eller?
• Differenti?ted pr?du?t?
• Multiple dimen?i?n? ?f ??mpetiti?n
• E??y entry ?f new firm? in the l?ng run

The ?h?r??teri?ti?? ?re ?lm??t ex??tly ??me ?? in perfe?t ??mpetiti?n,
with the ex?epti?n ?f heter?gene?u? pr?du?t? ?nd th?t m?n?p?li?ti? ??mpetiti?n inv?lve?
? gre?t de?l ?f n?n-pri?e ??mpetiti?n (b??ed ?n ?ubtle pr?du?t differenti?ti?n).
Thi? give? the h?tel ? ?ert?in ?m?unt ?f influen?e ?ver the m?rket, it ??n r?i?e
pri?e? with?ut l??ing ?ll the ?u?t?mer?, ?wing t? br?nd l?y?lty.

H?telier? m?y be ?pprehen?ive when it ??me? t? di??u??ing h?tel
di?tributi?n ?h?nnel?. ?n ?ne h?nd, it’? ?le?r th?t they will need the help ?f
the di?tribut?r? t? ??hieve higher ???up?n?y r?te?. ?n the ?ther h?nd, d?ubt ?rrive?
when it ??me? time t? ?h???ing the right ?ne? in ?rder t? gener?te b?th high ??le?
v?lume ?nd ???ept?ble revenue?.They ??uld either be g?ing with the B2B ?r the
B2? m?del ?r ? mix ?f b?th.

In???e ?f B2?, They n?rm?lly w?rk with ? ??mmi??i?n?ble bu?ine?? m?del, ?l?? kn?wn ?? ret?il ?r
?gen?y m?del. The tr?veller i? expe?ted t? p?y the h?tel dire?tly up?n ?he?k?ut,
th?ugh he b??ked vi? the ?nline tr?vel ?gen?y (?T?) p?rt?l. The h?tel then p?y?
the ?T? the previ?u?ly ?greed up?n ??mmi??i?n whi?h v?rie? fr?m 10-20% ?n ?ver?ge,
b??ed ?n the r??m revenue p?id.

In???e ?f B2B ?nd B2?, bu?ine?? m?del i? n?rm?lly ?h?r??terized
by ?elling v?ri?u? tr?vel pr?du?t? like flight?, h?tel?, ?r ??r rent?l, p??k?ge?. They m?y ?l??
u?e pr?du?t? fr?m dire?tly ??ntr??ted h?tel? ?r ?ther ?upplier? in?luding wh?le??ler?
?r t?ur ?per?t?r?. 




Pl?yer? in the H?tel Indu?try




?h?re ?f H?tel? in Indi?-As per Lighthouse Insights


                 INDU?TRY ?ND ??MPETITI?N


T?p H?tel? in indi?: Re?der?’ ?h?i?e ?w?rd? 2017



T?p H?tel? in the W?rld : F?rtune,2017


1.     The
Be?t H?tel in the W?rld: Nihi ?umb? i?l?nd, ?umb?, ind?ne?i?

2.     The
Br?nd?, Teti?r??, Fren?h P?lyne?i?

3.     L?dge
& ?p? ?t Bru?h ?reek R?n?h, ??r?t?g?, Wy?ming

4.     L?dge
?t K?uri ?liff?, M?t?uri B?y, New Ze?l?nd

5.     Gibb’?
F?rm, K?r?tu, T?nz?ni?

6.     T?w?lu
K?l?h?ri, T?w?lu K?l?h?ri Re?erve, ??uth ?fri??

7.     Triple
?reek R?n?h, D?rby, M?nt?n?

Wine L?dge, Mend?z?, ?rgentin?

inn ?t
Will?w Gr?ve, ?r?nge, Virgini?

10.  (tie) R??ew??d ??rdeV?lle, ??n
M?rtin, ??lif?rni?

11.  (tie)
Z?r?f? ??mp, ?elind? Re?erve, B?t?w?n

The gi?nt pl?yer? in the m?rket ?tru?ture
?f h??pit?lity indu?try in Indi? ?re-

v  The
P?rk Hy?tt

v  Trident

v  T?j

v  The

v  The

v  M?rri?tt

v  IT?
Wel??m Herit?ge

v  ?her?t?n

v  R?di??n

N?ture ?f ??mpetiti?n-


It i? the m??t ??mpetitive m?rket. Bu?ine??
tr?veler? drive ?ver 70 per ?ent ?f the Indi?n h??pit?lity bu?ine?? ?nd the r??e
t? ????mm?d?te them, ?nd d? it well, i? h?tting up.


The m?j?r ??mpetiti?n ??me? fr?m the ?ther
??mp?nie? in the ??me ?e?t?r .?? the riv?l? ?re t? be f?und ?nd m?ke their prim?ry
?nd ?e??nd?ry ?tr?tegie? whi?h m?ke? the ??mp?ny ??mpetitive in the m?rket.
There ?re ?l?? pri?ing ?tr?tegie? whi?h pl?y fewer r?le? in ??mpetitive m?rket ?nd
?h?uld think ?f the n?n-pri?ing ?tr?tegie? whi?h ??n be m?re ??mpetitive in the


The pri?ing ?f ? h?tel like thi? ?ne i?
d?ne ?n ?y?tem ??lled “r?te ?f the d?y” b??ed ?n dem?nd. ?? the r??m?
get t?ken the pri?e g?e? up ?nd ?n ? bu?y d?y ? r??m like thi? ?ne in Mumb?i ?r
Delhi will ???t ?? mu?h ?? y?u w?uld h?ve t? p?y f?r ?ne in P?ri? ?r L?nd?n.


?dding m?re f??ilitie? t? the five ?t?r
r?ted h?tel? like Wi-Fi, ?p??, gym?, ?nline b??king et?. t? m?int?in their gue?t
l?y?ltie? whi?h give ??mpetitive ?dv?nt?ge t? it? ??mp?ny.


T? be??me ??mpetitive in the m?rket the
flexible pri?ing i? the key. ??me ?ugge?ted ?tep? t? re?lign r?te? ?nd ?egment?
t? the ?h?nged m?rket pl??e; g?in ??ntr?l ?f bu?ine??; ?nd in?re??e pr?fit?bility


§  ?re?te ?n ?nline b??king pre?en?e.

§  En?ure th?t the h?tel’? ?nline
b??king engine i? p?rt ?f the h?tel’? web ?ite, ?nd ??ntr?lled by the h?tel, n?t
by ? third p?rty ?r GD?-b??ed ?y?tem.

§  En?ure th?t the ?nline b??king
engine i? the be?t ?nd ????mpli?he? the h?tel’? g??l?.

§  En?ure th?t the ?nline b??king
engine i? e??y t? u?e fr?m ? ?u?t?mer’? per?pe?tive.

§  Expertly ?re?te ?nd m?int?in ?n
?nline di?tributi?n ?nd m?ximiz?ti?n ?tr?tegy t? en?ure the h?tel’? vi?ibility.

§  Pr?m?te ?nd en?ure th?t the l?we?t
publi?hed r?te? ?re ?n the h?tel’? ?wn web ?ite, t? pr?m?te ?u?t?mer l?y?lty, ??
d?ne with the ?irline?.

§  E?t?bli?h ? new m?rket ?egment?ti?n
m?del, f?r gre?ter ??ntr?l ?f the bu?ine??. Elimin?te R??K R?TE ?nd repl??e with
?ELL R?TE, defined ?? R??k, Pr?m?ti?n?l, ??n??rti?, ?nd ?ny ?ther ?u?t?mer n?t ?ffili?ted
with ?ny di???unt.

?h?r??teri?ti?? ?nd Beh?vi?r?l Tr?it? ?f the ??mpetit?r?-


T?j Gr?up ?f H?tel? – The gr?up h?? en?rm?u? p?wer ?nd ?trength?,
whi?h m?ke? it the be?t ?nd ??mpetitive, ??me ?f them ?re:

§  It ??n?i?t? ?f
75 pr?pertie? in 40 l???ti?n? ??r??? indi? ?nd 18 intern?ti?n?l h?tel?.

§  It? ?tyli?h v?riety
?f h?tel? like; T?j ex?ti??, T?j ??f?ri, The g?tew?y h?tel?, Ginger h?tel?, Jiv??
?p? et?.

§  It? effe?tive ?nd
effi?ient m?n?gement te?hnique? ?nd ?t?ff.

§  Tt? br?nd n?me.

§  The pre?en?e ?f
T?j H?tel?, Re??rt? ?nd P?l??e? in v?ri?u? ??untrie? like United Kingd?m, Fr?n?e,
Germ?ny, it?ly, Dub?i, ?ing?p?re, ?u?tr?li?, J?p?n, Ru??i? ?nd the United ?t?te?
?f ?meri??.?e?uring m?n?gement ??ntr??t? ?t P?lm i?l?nd, Jumeir?h in Dub?i, ??r?y?
i?l?nd? in R?? ?l Kh?im?h, ?ld?r Gr?up in ?bu Dh?bi, U?E L?ngk?wi in M?l?y?i? ?nd
Thimpu in Bhut?n.

§  The v?ri?u? initi?tive?
t?ken like; r?ll?ut ?f ?u?t?mer Feedb??k ?y?tem, T?t? Bu?ine?? Ex?ellen?e M?del,
iT initi?tive?, Ginger h?tel? et?.


H?wever there ?re ??me pitf?ll? ?nd they ??uld w?rk ?n th?t-

§  it? h?rd t? m?int?in
?u?h ? huge ?h?in ?f ?ub?idi?rie? ?nd there ?re m?re ?h?n?e? ?f mi?h?p? in m?n?gement.

§  it? huge ??mpetit?r?
like ?ber?i, Leel?, ?rient?l, iT? et? ?re ?l?? pr?viding ??me f??ilitie? ?nd
thu? it be??me? ? we?kne?? f?r T?j h?tel?.

§  it’? very ???tly
f?r the indi?n? t? ?ff?rd the t?riff? ?nd ?ervi?e ?h?rge? ?et by T?j h?tel?.
Thu?, they l??e ? m?j?r p?rt ?f their m?rket ?h?re.

§  They need ? l?t
?f inve?tment.

§  ?? T?j h?tel? i?
? p?pul?r gr?up, it i? ?lw?y? in the eye? ?f the terr?ri?t?, ?? T?j h?? ?lre?dy
f??ed ?u?h ?n in?ident. Theref?re, it pr?ve? t? be ? we?kne?? ??me time?, t? be
?? p?pul?r.

H?wever, if they ??uld w?rk ?n the?e ?pp?rtunitie?, they ??uld
pr?b?bly ?trive higher. in the b??kdr?p ?f ? he?lthy e??n?my h?ving it? p??itive
f?ll?ut? ?n the T?uri?m ?e?t?r le?ding t? r?pid gr?wth in m?rket? in indi?, ??uth
??i? ?nd key g?tew?y ?itie? in ??ur?e-m?rket de?tin?ti?n?. R?pid exp?n?i?n in b?th
intern?ti?n?l ?nd D?me?ti? de?tin?ti?n?, with t?p-?f-the-line Luxury, Lei?ure ?nd
Bu?ine?? pr?pertie?. Meeting gr?wing dem?nd in the budget ?nd mid-m?rket ?egment?.
Extending the pr?du?t p?rtf?li? int? rel?ted ?ffering? viz. luxury re?iden?e?,
wildlife l?dge? ?nd he?lth ?p??.


?ber?i Gr?up ?f H?tel?- They ?re ? m?j?r thre?t t? the T?j Gr?up
?f ??mp?nie?.

???t ?dv?nt?ge,???et lever?ge,Effe?tive ??mmuni??ti?n,High
R&D,inn?v?ti?n,?nline gr?wth,L?y?l ?u?t?mer?,M?rket ?h?re le?der?hip,?tr?ng
m?n?gement te?m,?tr?ng br?nd equity ?re ? few ?f the ?trength? they h?ve.

H?wever, B?d ??mmuni??ti?n,Di?e??n?mie?
t? ???le,?ver lever?ged fin?n?i?l p??iti?n,L?w R&D

L?w m?rket ?h?re,N? ?nline pre?en?e,N?t inn?v?tive,N?t diver?ified,P??r
?upply ?h?in,We?k m?n?gement te?m,We?k re?l e?t?te ?re ??me ?f the ?re?? they ?re
we?k ?t ?nd ??uld w?rk ?n t? gr?w.

if they ??uld w?rk ?n the?e ?pp?rtunitie?, they ??uld e??ily ?limb
up the l?dder. ??qui?iti?n?.???et lever?ge,Fin?n?i?l m?rket? (r?i?e m?ney
thr?ugh debt, et?),Emerging m?rket? ?nd exp?n?i?n ?br??d,inn?v?ti?n,?nline,Pr?du?t
?nd ?ervi?e? exp?n?i?n,T?ke?ver?.


ITD?-??h?k Gr?up ?f H?tel? – They ?re ?l?? ? ??mpetit?r
f?r T?j. ?ne ?f the ?lde?t five ?t?r h?tel? in indi? preferred by ? v??t number
?f t?uri?t? ?? well ?? l???lite?.

?menitie? pr?vided ?re ?t?te ?f the ?rt ?nd ?f very high qu?lity.?t?ff
i? kn?wn t? be very h??pit?ble ?nd ?upp?rtive ?f their gue?t?.H?? the l?rge?t ??nferen?e
h?ll in indi? ?nd hen?e it’? the m??t preferred ??nferen?e h?ll f?r m??t ?f the
imp?rt?nt ??nferen?e? held in indi?.Pr?vide? Privilege ??rd f?r their frequent
gue?t? whi?h lure m?re number ?f pe?ple t? be??me their regul?r ?u?t?mer?.it h??
New Delhi’? m??t m?gnifi?ent B?nquet venue.The ?r?hite?ture i? ?till ??n?idered
?? ? ben?hm?rk t? m??t ?f the building? th?t ?re ?re?ted t?d?y.

H?wever, they need t? w?rk ?n ? few ?f there we?kne??e?. Their
pri?e? ?re higher th?n ?ther five ?t?r h?tel? in New Delhi. There h?ve n?t been
m?ny ?h?nge? in the building ?in?e the time th?t it h?? been ?et up. ????rding
t? the gue?t? the w?ll? ?re dirty ?nd the h?llw?y? ?re n?t m?int?ined well whi?h
m?ke? m?ny ?f them think twi?e ?b?ut ??ming b??k there. it i? quite f?r ?w?y
(15km?) fr?m the intern?ti?n?l ?irp?rt be??u?e ?f whi?h m?ny gue?t ?pt f?r h?tel?
?l??er f?r their ?wn ??nvenien?e.They ?eem t? rely ?n their p??t l?urel? ?nd ?re
n?t t?king ?ny new initi?tive? t? ??ti?fy their ?u?t?mer?.


Leel? Gr?up ?f H?tel? – it bel?ng? t? the Luxury ?egment
?nd p??iti?n? Extending w?rm, gr??i?u? ?nd ?nti?ip?t?ry ?ervi?e? in ?etting? th?t
??pture the e??en?e ?f indi?. it h?? High br?nd re??ll. ?ne ?f the key pl?yer? in
the luxury h?tel ?egment.M?re th?n 7 five ?t?r h?tel?, 2128 r??m? in the ??untry.?lli?n?e
with Kempin?ki Gr?up ?f H?tel?, E?P?, Gl?b?l H?tel ?lli?n?e ?nd the Preferred H?tel
Gr?up.?ll h?tel? ?re l???ted in premium ?re?? ?f the ?itie?. H?wever, they h?ve
? few dr?wb??k?, High intere?t expen?e? ?re h?mpering net in??me,Limited m?rket
?h?re due t? t?ugh ??mpetiti?n fr?m intern?ti?n?l ?nd d?me?ti? pl?yer? ?nd ?ver?e??
exp?n?i?n will be diffi?ult ?in?e Leel? i? kn?wn f?r ethni?ity in ?ffering?.



M?rri?tt intern?ti?n?l in?. – M?rri?tt intern?ti?n?l,
in?. i? ?n ?meri??n multin?ti?n?l diver?ified h??pit?lity ??mp?ny th?t m?n?ge? ?nd
fr?n?hi?e? ? br??d p?rtf?li? ?f h?tel? ?nd rel?ted l?dging f??ilitie?. it h?? High
br?nd re??gniti?n ?nd re??ll. G??d te?hni??l inn?v?ti?n? t? impr?ve ?u?t?mer
experien?e? ?nd ??n?t?nt upgr?de ?f bu?ine?? pr??e??e?.G??d empl?yee retenti?n
with ? t?t?l w?rkf?r?e ?f 150,000. it h?? ?ver 3700 h?tel? ?nd re??rt? in ?ver
70 ??untrie? ?nd v?ri?u? br?nd? r?nge fr?m ?tt?in?ble t? ??pir?ti?n?l.

H?wever ??mpetiti?n fr?m l?ng e?t?bli?hed h?tel ?h?in? me?n?
limited m?rket ?h?re. ?l??, gl?b?l exp?n?i?n ?nd high number ?f h?tel? m?y le?d
t? br?nd diluti?n. H?wever, if they w?rk ?n the?e ?pp?rtunitie?,they ??n g?in higher
m?rket ?h?re?. High p?tenti?l in emerging m?rket?.inn?v?ti?n in ?u?t?mer ?ervi?e?
?nd better interi?r?/Well d?ne ren?v?ti?n?.indi?n ?nd ?? well ?? gl?b?l h??pit?lity
?e?t?r? ?re l??king ?t ? b??m.


?t?rw??d H?tel? – ?t?rw??d H?tel? ?nd Re??rt?
W?rldwide, LL? i? ? ?ub?idi?ry ?f M?rri?tt intern?ti?n?l. Pri?r t? it? merger with M?rri?tt, it
w?? ?n ?meri??n h?tel ?nd lei?ure ??mp?ny he?dqu?rtered in ?t?mf?rd, ??nne?ti?ut.78 it w?? ?ne
?f the w?rld’? l?rge?t h?tel ??mp?nie? th?t ?wn?, ?per?te?, fr?n?hi?e? ?nd m?n?ge?
h?tel?, re??rt?, ?p??, re?iden?e?, ?nd v???ti?n ?wner?hip pr?pertie? under it? 11
?wned br?nd?. ?? ?f 1 De?ember 2014, ?t?rw??d H?tel? ?nd Re??rt? ?wned,
m?n?ged, ?r fr?n?hi?ed ?ver 1,200 pr?pertie? empl?ying ?ver 180,400 pe?ple, ?f
wh?m ?ppr?xim?tely 26% were empl?yed in the United ?t?te?.

W?rldwide netw?rk ?f 400+ h?tel?. it h?? ? ?tr?ng br?nd
pre?en?e,effe?tive m?rketing ??mp?ign? ?nd ? ?tr?ng hi?t?ry ?f ?tr?tegi? ??qui?iti?n
?nd pipeline devel?pment.?p?n??r?hip ?nd event p?rtner? ?t m?ny gl?b?l event? ?nd
?emin?r?. ?tr?ng br?nd vi?ibility ?nd ex?ellent w?rd ?f m?uth due t? it? ?u?t?mized
per??n?lized ?ervi?e?. it h?? it? h?tel? ?pre?d ??r??? 70 ??untrie?.


R?di???n H?tel? – R?di???n H?tel? i? ?n intern?ti?n?l
h?tel ??mp?ny ?nd ? ?ub?idi?ry ?f the ??rl??n Rezid?r H?tel Gr?up. it ?per?te?
the br?nd? R?di???n, R?di???n blu, R?di???n RED ?nd P?rk inn by R?di???n with m?re
th?n 990 l???ti?n? in 73 ??untrie?.

T?p n?t?h ?ervi?e ?nd ex?ellent ?u?t?mer ?ervi? h?? ?
gl?b?l pre?en?e –420+ h?tel? gl?b?lly in ?ver 75 ??untrie?.G??dwill fr?m Empl?yee?
?nd ?u?t?mer?.They ?ffer re?lly g? de?l? ?nd pr?m?ti?n?l ?ffer? hen?e ?ttr??ting
m?re ?u?t?mer?.P?rent gr?up ?dd? t? br?nd v?lue ?nd high br?nd re??ll. By w?rking
?n U?ing ?urrent e??n?mi? ??en?ri? t? in?re??e ?lientele thr?ugh ?pe?i?l p??k?ge?,
exp?n?i?n ?f the gl?b?l t?uri?m m?rket, they ??uld help impr?ve their m?rket ?h?re.Tr?veller?
?re l??king f?r n?vel de?tin?ti?n? whi?h i? ?n?ther ?re? they ??uld w?rk ?n.



P?rk Hy?tt – The Hy?tt Regen?y br?nd i? the ?lde?t
br?nd in the ??mp?ny, with the Gr?nd Hy?tt ?nd P?rk Hy?tt br?nd? being intr?du?ed
in 1980. ??me ?f the?e ?re ?tyled ?? “re??rt” pr?pertie?, ?nd m?y
h?ve ?p?? ?r ?ther re?re?ti?n?l f??ilitie?. ?ther br?nd? in?lude Hy?tt Pl??e,
de?igned ?? ? limited ?ervi?e ?ffering f?r bu?ine?? tr?veler?. . ??mp?ny’? w?rldwide
p?rtf?li? ??n?i?ted ?f 488 pr?pertie? / h?tel?. it? F??d ?nd bever?ge, b?nquet
f??ilitie?, ?nd ??ll?b?r?ti?n with t?p ??rp?r?te firm? ?re it? ?trength? .Te?hn?l?gy
upgr?de? fr?m time t? time. Hygiene ?t?nd?rd? ?nd ?u?t?mer experien?e ?re be?t
f?r it. it i? ?ne ?f the m??t p?pul?r h?tel ?h?in br?nd?. impr?vement ?n member?hip
pl?n?, ?u?t?mer l?y?lty pr?gr?m? ??n help them f??ter their ?u?t?mer b??e.

Empl?yee retenti?n t? en?ure better ?ervi?e? ?nd by ?etting higher
?t?nd?rd? f?r r??m? divi?i?n i? ?n?ther gr?wth ?pp?rtunity f?r them.



Trident H?tel? –Trident H?tel? f?ll? under the ?egi?
?f The ?ber?i Gr?up. The ?ber?i Gr?up h?? pre?en?e in ?ix ??untrie? under the
luxury ‘?ber?i’ ?nd five-?t?r ‘Trident’ br?nd. F?unded in 1934, it ?per?te? 30
h?tel?, ? Nile ?rui?er ?nd ? M?t?r Ve??el in the b??kw?ter? ?f Ker?l?. The Gr?up
i? ?l?? eng?ged in flight ??tering, ?irp?rt re?t?ur?nt?, tr?vel ?nd t?ur ?ervi?e?,
??r rent?l?, pr?je?t m?n?gement ?nd ??rp?r?te ?ir ?h?rter?. it f?ll? in the Lei?ure
?nd bu?ine?? tr?veler? ?egment ?nd h?ve ? gre?t qu?lity ?f m?n p?wer. ? very
well defined hier?r?hy within the gr?up. They h?ve ? differenti?ti?n b??ed ?n
the  ?ultur?l herit?ge ?nd diver?ity ?f indi?.
H?wever, they h?ve ? limited m?rket ?h?re due t? t?ugh ??mpetiti?n fr?m intern?ti?n?l
?nd d?me?ti? pl?yer?. ?l??, l??k? ?f gl?b?l vi?i?n le?ding t? ?t?gn?nt gr?wth/exp?n?i?n.


Hen?e t? ??n?lude, e??h ?f the?e gi?nt? ?re pl?ying their
??rd? well ?nd hen?e rightly thi? indu?try h?? been l?beled ?? ? m?n?p?li?ti? indu?try.
There i? immen?e gr?wth th?t ??n be ??hieved thi? ye?r. ?? the Budget 2018 i? ?w?ited,
thi? might help t? b???t thi? indu?try.







v HV?- Re?e?r?h p?per ?n Market Segmentation


v ibef.?rg – indi? Br?nd Equity F?und?ti?n




v Equitym??ter.??m


v Research paper by JLL and KPMG on Hospitality Trends












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