Scientific Times furnishes tailored association management solutions according to an organization’s ad hoc requirements and future objectives. The association specialists engage themselves in all stages of the project from strategy to high volume implementation. Our dedicated team will channelize resources for the association to build membership and much greater participation from the rest of the scientific community in its initiatives.

We assist associations in developing contacts with industries, bringing potential sponsors and maintaining a harmonious relationship with them. Our main focus is to create member value and other benefits that in turn strengthen the associations making all their projects sustainable.

Strategic planning and Business development for the Association

Our association experts provide services in the areas of governance, structural review, day-to-day management & growth plan development. Our professional experts are experienced, client centered, efficient and solution oriented. Scientific Times help you realize and implement all your plans.

Educational and Professional Development

Our association provides opportunity for you to be recognized for the valuable work you do. We help you to enhance your professional skills & qualification. We also provide you with valuable resources which keep you up-to-date with the various industry sector trends. We help in development through certification and accreditation management, training program & developing e-learning strategies and applications.

Member recruitment for the Association

Scientific Times services include creating a network of members which help your organization to share knowledge and support which strengthens all your projects.

Organizing Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our conference organizers also help your society in holding AGM and other events. Our creative experts can provide real time solutions and help in any aspect of your Meeting or Conference.

Formulating Scholar Sessions

Our association can assist in organizing scholar sessions with industry specialists, scientists and world renowned scholars.

Corporate Sponsorship/Partnership

Finding the right sponsors to your Conference/Meeting can bring significant business benefits such as financial backing, brand recognition and securing long-term partnerships.

Commercial Fundraising

Our experts are ready to design and run organized, highly effective campaigns to raise funds for your events. We know the most in vogue and cost-effective ways to plan a campaign. Our experts develop and device a wide range of strategies for the successful operation of an extensive fundraising program.

Media proclamation/Online advertisement/Press releases

Scientific Times uses state-of-the-art communication platforms and tools to coordinate the activities of its member associations. Communication, marketing of conferences/publications/programmes/services, social media strategy and implementation can help build brand raise and awareness of your association. Scientific Times Conferences/Publications are the best platform to advertise about your organization which can help raise awareness to the public.

Feasibility study/Market Research

Our experts perform intense & methodical market research according to your customized requirements to find out whether an association is a potential one or not.

Competitor Survey

Scientific Times also perform competitor analysis for the society which helps them to realize their aims and goals.

Website Management

  • Our dedicated team of web designers takes care of the following services – Creation of Web pages & logos, content optimization, more visibility, maximum efficiency, managing monthly traffic report & blog post
  • Our software developers and programmers update the website software and get a custom plan to meet the individual management &maintenance needs of your organizations website.

Creative design & IT services

We provide detailed design services including concept development, program development & project management. We also help in management and implementation of quality IT services.

Content sourcing

Finding content relevant to an association’s prospects is a challenging service. We provide content to associations which help them to build relationship with their collaborators