Guest Editors

Scientific Times accepts the proposal for special issues on topics that fall within the scope of the journal. Proposals for Special Issues should be submitted by the Lead Guest Editor of the Special Issue

A call for papers must be submitted together with the proposal. The proposal for the special issue must contain the following information:

  • Guest editors: a short biography of the guest editors with a focus on the expertise of the proposed topic and the involvement in relevant communities
  • Deadlines: appropriate schedule stating the major dates including paper submission, acceptance notice, etc.
  • Topics: the most important topics related the proposed special issue must be listed
  • List of reviewers: a list of the reviewers of the special issue (their names, links to their homepages and areas of expertise). It is mandatory that all related topics of the issue are covered by the group of reviewers.
  • Distribution and promotion: a plan for the distribution and promotion of the issue and to attract quality submissions

All proposals are subject to approval by the journal following a discussion of the proposed Special Issue among the journal’s Editorial Board. If approved, a Call-for-Papers for the Special Issue will be issued and posted online.

Special Issues are made freely available online to all interested readers leading to the maximum possible dissemination and recognition within the scientific community.

Responsibilities of Guest Editors

  • The Guest Editor(s) are responsible for the selection, commissioning, editing and provision of the final manuscripts to the Editors
  • will normally be expected to provide a preface/ introduction to the issue
  • The Journal Editors will communicate directly with authors only in exceptional circumstances and at relevant oints of the production process.
  • Guest Editors will be expected to update the Journal Editors regularly on the progress of the Special Issue and ensure that authors follow the Journal's presentation and referencing guidelines
  • Editor will be expected to ensure that all authors supply illustrations of an appropriate quality and that authors obtain all necessary copyright permissions. Relevant documentation should be provided with the final version of the Special Issue
  • will be expected to proof-read the entire volume and to ensure that authors proof-read their contributions
  • should provide full contact details, including email addresses, for all contributors