1. What is Open access?

Open access allows free access and distribution of the published literature or articles where the copy right and license of the creative work done by the author is protected. We can read, copy, distribute, and use the literature without any restrictions.

2. Why open access?

To increase the access to the results of research is an essential component of the research process itself. Sharing the results to public will advances the research through wide range of its results. Open access leads to increased investment, access and accelerates the scientific discovery.

3. Why we have to publish with Scientific Times?

ScientificTimes invites researches to publish their research with us to make it open access for the scientists, medical researchers and students in low income countries because lack of access to costly subscription-based journals and also to increase the visibility and output of scientific research from these countries. Quality and quick editorial, and review processing

4. What are the benefits that we get if we publish with Scientific Times?

  • Branded web services
  • Waiving the Publication fee depending on the financial resources and country (World Bank as Low-income economies)
  • Global importance for the publication (scientific access)
  • general advocacy support
  • Reprints for the publication
  • Indexing Services

5. Why we have to pay the article processing charges.

  • To provide worldwide open access for the publication
  • Maintaining the digital library and peer review process
  • Develop and maintain various forms of the literature online.
  • Security for the publication and indexing as well as citations.

6. Is there any discount for publishing with Scientific Times?

  • Discounts are applicable depending on the nature of work, published from University, society or organization and the author residing country (If Low income)
  • Discounts will be applicable after the publication acceptance by EB and decision will be handled by EB chief.

7. Can you waive the Publication charges if the author is unable to pay.

The decision of the waiving the charges will be different from case to case and completely depends on the availability of the funds, Research work, Country category (Low, Middle and High Income). Decision will be taken 3 days after the submission of article or manuscript.

8. Why you are paying huge amount for publishing manuscripts

  • To cover publishing costs
  • For peer review management
  • For online hosting and maintenance